Corona Madness Movie Propaganda

Recently I came across a few comments that mentioned 2 movies that featured Corona ads in them. One was Captain America: The First Avenger and the other was the blasphemous This is the End. Both movies feature Corona poster placement during crucial scenes in the movie. In Captain America, he wakes up after being asleep and was told he was in 1941. He knew he wasn’t and ran outside to modern day New York City. I will show you screenshots from the movie that I had gotten and you will see some interesting things in the ad placement with this scene. After the scene, the one eyed man shows up to console him.

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

captain america first avenger corona

You can see to his left the Corona ad, to his right you see a model of a virus, below the virus you can see the mask of the Phantom of the Opera and if you look closely, to the left of the Corona ad you see the image of George Washington crossing the Delaware with something written next to it. So you have the Corona, virus, mask and a George reference. And all of this is one the street BROADWAY. New York City had the most fake virus numbers and it should not surprise you why.

captain america first avenger corona1

captain america first avenger corona3

captain america first avenger corona4
Through the scene they show this ad of a military man holding a child
captain america first avenger corona5
And you can see the Eclipse ad. June 5th started eclipse season with a Lunar Eclipse


captain america first avenger corona6

new evidence
One eyed shepherd with “Shocking New Evidence” to his right
captain america first avenger corona7
By George, we did it


captain america first avenger corona8
Bank of A (reference to the beast system?)

There are a lot of connections here to what has been going on presently. And don’t forget his shirt he has on, it has a eagle on it with a SSR Marvel logo. Some are saying George Floyd has a double headed eagle tattoo on his chest but I can’t make it out. It is a eagle but not sure if it is the Masonic double headed eagle.

ssr ca

eagle gf

The autopsy makes it clear that it is a eagle holding a rifle of his chest but does not say it is a double headed eagle. You can download the pdf here. The interesting thing here about this tattoo, is that it is a military type tattoo but this guy was never in the military.


So it seems martyr George Floyd who is a representation of Cain and Saturn has become the new Captain America.

This is the End

The second movie I mentioned is This is the End. I don’t recommend watching it if I were you. It is very blasphemous. Now this movie has a corona ad placement right before the end actually begins in the movie. A earthquake happens, then a fake alien rapture which causes chaos and then the earth opens up ala opening the bottomless pit aka the abyss. Satan is then seen walking the earth destroying everything. More propoganda…

this is the end corona

this is the end corona 3

this is the end corona 4

this is the end corona 5

this is the end corona 6

Just wanted to throw this in also. Have you ever seen a ad on Craig’s List looking like a Reddit thread? Strange.

cl gf



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