The 3 Fists of Masonry

So you are all going to love this one. A few years ago I did a article that included the 3 dots of Masonry that make a 🔺. Some people put these on three hands between there thumb and there pointer finger and this represents “mi vida loca” or my crazy life. A lot of my friends had these back in the day. These also represents “therefore” in a logical argument or mathematical proof. But here’s the thing. These are completely Masonic. Let me tell you why but before that, let me show you why this is coming up again.

I was scoping out Twitter this morning and noticed that the black lives matter had new a little symbol next to it today. It is the inverted Masonic trademark. This one is upside down but I believe it still shows you who is running this show. This is all theatre and we have seen over and over, the Masonic hand in all of this. Not only os it inverted but it is three fists. The raised clenched fist has always implied there is a Communist support by using it. Here is a short primer on the clenched fist just in case you forgot.

Just a reminder…

“The clenched fist was first used by the communists in the Spanish civil war, as a counterpoint to the open-palmed Roman salute adopted by the fascists. The clenched fist symbolises strength and unity – fingers which are individually fragile can together make a powerful fist. It became a symbol of communism and was co-opted to many revolutionary causes, most potently the civil rights struggle in the US and opposition to colonialism in the third world. But it is now so freighted with historical associations – the murky faction fighting on the left in the Spanish civil war, the perversion of communism in the Soviet Union, the tyrannies that emerged in post-colonial Africa – that, according to the socialist historian Sheila Rowbotham, it has become a double-edged symbol. “Even in the 1960s,” she says, “my generation used it slightly self-consciously. It was connected to communism and post-’56, [when the Soviet army suppressed the Hungarian uprising] using it made you feel slightly uneasy.”

Ironically…the Communist raised clench fist came about because of the Roman American borrowed nationalist palm down salute. Before you go on blaming the nazis for this one, America was doing it long before the Germans. Read my papers on the flag salute and you will see for yourself. The Americans only changed it after Hitler took it for his own. So it’s funny, the clenched fist was to combat the palm down salute. The first sign Nationalism and Communism were not compatible together.

Inverted Fists

So back to the inverted black lives matter Masonic fists. Here is the actual hashtag of this from Twitter. I hate doing this because this is nothing more that a demonic sigil in my opinion. But for the sake of the paper, here it is again.

Notice that it is the left hand representing the goats and not the sheep. The inversion has the White hand on bottom but this still is being represented as having the most power. That point represents the divine feminine goddess and in this case, once again, it is representing Lucifer as Sophia. The Jewish shekinah at the wall. (By the way, when I was just in the middle of typing Lucifer, my WordPress crashed.)

I want you to also notice that this down pointed triangle is the symbol for water. Yet once again we see another water symbol to all of this. In this case, it is this demonic spirit of Antichrist feminine goddess witchcraft making up the image of the beast. And this image of the beast mentioned in Revelation 13 that is made up of these earth dwellers just so happens to be feminine in the Greek. Fitting right?

This upside down triangles has the lunar connection to it along with the Matrix or should I say the womb. The water has broken and this spirit has been birthed. It doesn’t take a genius to see what’s gong on in the world. But is also associated with Aquarius and Capricornus. Aquarius pours out the water ala bowls of wrath but Aquarius does not symbolize the God of Heaven. He too is an inversion of the true heavenly things of God.

Around the same time all this is going on, Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon make this weird triangle. And don’t forget the Dec 21st, 2020 Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Capricornus the sea GOAT on the Winter Solstice. I mention all of this in my book. Some constellation triangle connections here:

Back to the Masonic

Now let me give you a little insight to these Masonic dots. They were used as a marker after names of Masons. Probably to signify who they serve. This comes from a Freemason:

The three dots ∴ that are often found with abbreviated names like A∴ A∴ and G∴ D were originally intended to represent “Masonic Honor Points”. In Masonry, a freemason who has received the first three craft degrees of initiation may put these three dots after his name. Organizations made up of Craft initiated Masons traditionally place these same three dots after the letters of abbreviation of their organization names, e.g. Golden Dawn: G∴ D∴ instead of G.D. The practice is not strictly observed anymore in mystical organizations, but is still used in the original way by regular Masons. Now days, the three dots are often used indiscriminately to represent “mystical”, “once connected to masonry”, “the Christian divine trinity” and almost anything else. Some organizations, like O.T.O., do not use the three dot triangle in abbreviations of their names even though they are derived from Masonry. The practice is often not followed when an abbreviation consists of exactly three letters, since three dots or periods are already in place.
What are those three dots arranged in a triangular pattern?
The three dots (or three points) were formerly fashionable in Masonic writing instead of the usual periods after initials. The practice was apparently started in France by the non-recognized Grand Orient of France in 1774 and Masons were sometimes called ‘Three Point Brothers’. The usage became popular in the US and is seen today in some Scottish Rite documents. Any significance they had two hundred years ago is now long lost.LINK

They revealed their secret on how to do the modern day dots. “In Word you type 2234 place your cursor after the number 4, press the Alt key and the x keys simultaneously. Or this: The way you produce the middle dot is by holding ALT and typing the number using your number pad on your keyboard (not the numbers in the row above the letters but the numbers on the far right. This will produce the ….. so you type period (aka full stop) “.” then hold alt and type 250 to get “·” then another period (full stop) and wahla ! .·.

It was also used as a syllogism. Here is an example. Funny they use Zeus/Jupiter and x=9. Zeus/Jupiter is x is 9.

This explains it in legal terms:

The use of three dots dates to Aegyptian hieroglyphs where the symbol translates as the word ‘grain’. This is multi-contextual, it means both ‘sand’ and ‘seed’. The first grain of sand in the desert, is the beginning of the desert. The seed is the beginning of the tree. Thus, the three dots means ‘it begins here’. What this means is a duality; the signature authorizes the document, represents a living being has made conscious decision regarding the manuscript, that it is endowed with more value than merely a piece of paper plus words on it. It also means, everything before this point of the document is foundation, and is annulled because it happened before the beginning; we shall begin at the beginning, not before. The dualism is intentional because ‘As Above So Below’ is a famous masonic maxim.
The same symbol of three dots is also witnessed on the decorative cloth for the Kaba at Mecca (Ka Ba Me are also Aegyptian words with precise meanings, relating to the lifetime, the soul, the manifestation journey). From this we may trace a direct conceptual lineage at work, dating from the ancient times through to present day, behind the facade of organized religions.
The use of three dots arranged in triangular format as opposed to in a row is a variant on this, denoting Higher Aspirant and Stability rather than merely a Beginning.
The most famous use of the triple-dots within a signature is of course that of the Pendragon, J R R Tolkien.” A lot to unpack on this on.

These 3 dots also represents the 3 Degrees of the Blue Lodge of Masonry. While some Masons will deny it, to me this signifies that one is a 33° Mason.

One of the reasons why Freemasons are known as the “Brethren of the 3 dots” (irmãos três pontos) is the way they finish their signature. These three dots disposed in the form of a triangle with one the arms pointed up are also mentioned in the rituals, in the invitations and in the official correspondence. They are used to make abreviations, cutting short the words after the last consonant of the first sylab. Only the names of the symbols and the titles or degrees of the Brethren are abreviated like this. For instance the “Oriente” (East) is abreviated as Or:., the Lodge as L:. The origin of this tradition is mostly unknown. Some historical research stress to that this type of signature was common to some ancient orders, namely religious orders, even before the emerging of speculative freemasonry. At the 17th Century, several clerics in religious communities used this type of signature in their dispatchs. The first freemasons used the three dots aligned and defined by two dashes, one over and the other below. To freemasons they symbolize the past, the present and the future, but also the three degrees of the blue lodges (entered apprentice, fellowcraft and master). To inscript the three dots close to the signature don’t signify that the author is a freemason. During the second half of the 19th century because of the increasing of lodges and the explosion of notority of freemasons several “profanes” use it.” LINK

So my conclusion? The new black lives matter hashtag is a Masonic inversion showing you who is in charge here. They “BLM” have been played this whole time.

On a side note: I thought third new PS5 was interesting. Now it is white with horns. Subliminal propaganda. The white devil looking like the Boaz and Jachin pillars of Masonry.

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