Gavin Rules!

Your Governor can NOT make laws like a dictator. This is only done through being a narcissist junkie. He was elected by you and works for you, John Q. Public. He has no judicial rights to MAKE laws. He can give you GUIDANCE or RECOMMENDATIONS as does the CDC and other alphabet groups do. But they CANNOT make a mandatory ruling on his or their behalf because he or they says so. Signed State Executive Orders make laws but even when a Governor signs them, they are not mandated into law for the public. Just state workers.

Show me where Newsom signed this “Face Covering Guidance” into law on his own website. I’ll wait…..

….he didn’t. He required this on his own behalf with no authorization. Not one mention of any Executive Order on his personal gov page. So technically, he is suggesting everyone needs to wear a mask when it isn’t actually a law. This is like saying I don’t like someone parking in front of my house so I am going to give that person a ticket. Under whose authority? My own I guess. This is my law and it will not hold up in court.

The law of this country is based on language and definitions. Don’t fall for the lies of all of this. There is no mandate for these masks. This is all leading to something more wicked than not wearing a facemask. Persecution of Christians. Mark my words.

Watch this video. We all need next door neighbors like Peggy.

Ask yourself why is it that everytime you see this guy on tv he either has no mask on or it isn’t on “properly”?

And where was he since June 1st? Rioting. Looting. Murders. And he isn’t to be found spreading his propaganda like he was for 3 months prior. Now on the 18th of June he needs to be heard again.

And when reading through these new “mandates” given by Heimlich Newsom, pay attention to the wording.

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