Trump’s Water Sign

I find it interesting that Trump poured out water with his right hand at the Tulsa Campaign. You can see it on the video below at the 34 minute mark.

Is there any significance to this? The day before in District of Columbia, protesters took down the Albert Pike statue and then set it on fire. For this who don’t know, Pike was the one to bring Scottish Rite Freemasonry to the United States and was himself a 33° Mason and a member of not only the Democrat party but of the Ku Klux Klan.

This happened on the evening of the 19th and Trump fired back with this tweet.

So out of all the statues that have been taken down, Trump finally breaks his silence when Pikes is ripped down. He says nothing about any others but this one. I haven’t written that Trump is affiliated with Freemasonry in the past and not only Freemasonry but the Jesuits and Zionism. These are all interconnected regardless of the faces.

So he was disturbed that a Freemasonic leaders statue was taken down and the next day (20th) in Tulsa he did this.

He talked about his water incidents of the past, took a stab at Biden and then poured out some water on the ground.

The crowd loved it and then chanted Trump. So this is all interesting based on all of the water symbolism we have seen. From the Mem 5g millimeter symbol to the Minneapolis event to all of the water events we have seen. I’ve documented most of them on this blog and on Twitter. But did you realize, that just like the Freemasonic Degree with the kneeling incident that pays tribute to Hiram Abiff, there is a ritual involving water being poured out after the Hiram ritual?

This is the sign before the initiate passes to the fourth veil. Water is ported on the floor symbolising the water Moses poured out on the dry ground to only turn into blood. Let me also mention that in the second veil ritual, the sign is the hidden hand.

So was Trump alluding to passing through the third veil or was he just trying to be funny and throw water on the ground? I say the former but that’s just my opinion based on everything that has been happening in the last 10 years.

I want you to also notice the headlines of this Tulsa event and the wording. Mars.

It just so happens that Mars was in Aquarius. Remember that Aquarius has this sign ♒ which is the same identical sign for mem and 5G millimeter waves. Coincidence? No.

And don’t forget that Trump wants to get to Mars with his space force along with Elon Musk.

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