A few more GF connections

Someone did their due diligence here. I suggest you watch it than download it….just in case the black eyes want to get rid of it.

After watching the doc on the George Floyd death/Islamic connection, there is some things that make sense now. But now that I’m looking….Did you realize that for the first time ever in a U.S. city, a daily call to prayer was played in Minneapolis? It stopped on May 24th.




Who were one of the first to cry out for George Floyd’s martyrdom?

So. Once again. For the first time in a U.S. city, the 5 time daily Islamic call to prayer took place. It started at Ramadan in April and ended May 24th. It took place at South Fifth and Cedar in Minneapolis in a predominately Somali Muslim area. First time ever..

The doc I posted on the GF/Islamic connection is the only other source I’ve seen mention this. But no one has yet mentioned that Ramadan and the Minneapolis call to prayer ended the night before this incident. May 24th.

And directly across the street from the arrest and 30 feet around the corner is this mosque. Underneath Cup Foods.

And across Chicago next to Speedway? No one wants to mention the coffee shop next to Speedway Gas
across the street from where Floyd died? Black Eye Roasting. What’s a black eye? The relevance here is symbolism and the powers that be that are behind this whole thing.

Read this: https://t.co/7TQvMWolIC

Evidently it closes its doors on March 1st due to “covid”. Now it just happens to be a “art” stand. The BLM poster didn’t save this business.

And just like the Dragon Woks predecessor, Funky Grits, we see a BLM poster in the window.

The back of Black Eye has a strange bee hive hexagon pattern located on the back of the building. The same art style as the trash cans out in front of it and the 666 trash can in front of Cup Foods.

So now this intersection has transformed into this monument as they tear down monuments across the country. Why does East 38th and Chicago Avenue look like a Soviet Era intersection?

Do we wonder what that hidden hand has been doing all these years? Let me take a guess. The fist of Communism?

Well documented in photos https://t.co/HCtuEChAOR

And on June 20th BLM marched in St. Louise from “mosque to mosque”.

It starts at Bilal mosque. Bilal was a slave set free by Mohammad who later the key holder to the idols in Mecca. He was the first to do the call to prayer 5 times a day. Remember that call to prayer for the first time during Ramadan? It ends at Al-Mu’minūn (Arabic: المؤمنون‎, “The Believers”), which is “the 23rd chapter (sūrah) of the Qur’an with 118 verses (āyāt). This surah deals with the fundamentals of faith (Aqidah), Tawheed (Islamic monotheism), Risalah (Messengership), Resurrection and the supreme Judgement of God. The surah drives these themes home by drawing attention to God’s creation of man through different stages in the mother’s womb, His creation of the heavens and the earth, His sending down rains and growing plants, trees and fruits, and His providing of domestic animals with various benefits for man, all together with an emphasis on the fact that man shall die and shall be raised up on the Day of Resurrection.” It starts with a slave and ends with the belief system of Islam. Do you see where this Movement is heading?

Now one final piece of info. Very little mention that George Floyd was moved from East 38th and Chicago to East 36th [33] and Park. I wonder why? Obvious reasons were to move him from an “unruly crowd”. E 36th is also known as 33. 3+6=9. It is 600 meters or 666 yards from the original intersection.


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