United Allied States

Well this is weird. United Allied States. A new corporate entity for the people. When trying to check out the site, it goes back and forth of being offline. It is run by Apollo block chain evidently. And they will elect a “president” on the 9th of Av. I’m getting a Handsmaid Tale vibe on this one.


9th of Av is when the Temple was destroyed both times. They have a Twitter page. Weird creepy vibe on the comments.

Check out United Allied States (@UASgov): https://twitter.com/UASgov?s=09

I tried to look up who owns this site and nothing. All I know is it comes from Arizona.


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  1. This is beyond creepy. I see a lot of symbolism, but who are these people…why? I just started reading your blog recently, I never comment, but I thought I would today. I like to read about what others don’t even know exists.

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  2. Idk, I looked through the site and it worked for me, it is weird, it’s almost like a parallel government waiting to be set up, but it seems like it’s part of the ‘Golden Age’ actually… maybe they’re waiting for all the chaos to die down, it’s interesting that they want to start it in Africa, I guess the easiest place to do it, and then it might go from there, so it’s either the worst thing to happen to the world or possibly the best! It just started getting logged early in June, interesting that all the chaos of the riots and protests (separate events ofc although related), happened around the same time, and there has been an ‘upsurge’ of the virus in Arizona and this site/company is based there…?! Can’t be a coincidence… maybe it’s a distraction while they get things ready… for good or for ill… and they have elections and even careers! There is pretty much everything you would find in a ‘government’ but if you look through their pages, everything reeks of nobleness really… they will elect their ‘President’ at the end of July! So we will see …

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  3. Hi there,

    Not sure if you receive these responses.

    Are these responses private? If not please could you send me an email address I could contact you on, recently saw something that was interesting.

    Kind regards, Beth


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