What the Tornado Hale is going on in China?

On June 24th and 25th, China suffered a crazy storm. A tornado ripped through Mongolia and destroyed crops.

“At around 14:30 on June 24, a #tornado appeared in Xilinhot, #InnerMongolia, #China, with clouds and wind gusts, twisting and turning.” – Jennifer Zeng

Communist China can’t blame God with these events when you’re an atheistic civilization. They will blame the dragon and they did. The residents actually called this a dragon sucking water out of the ground.

Then “Large size hail dropped from Beijing’s sky yesterday, on #China’s traditional Dragon Boat Festival.

People are scared, because they say the hail looks like Coronavirus.” – Shirley Yu

Let’s not forget that the president of China called the coronavirus demons. Are you starting to see a trend here? And don’t forget about my Noah post on the other blog.

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