Bill Gates: Westworld and Beyond

This article is based on theory. You decide for yourself.

Before you read anything, watch this. Then ask yourself why and how wicked can someone be on their own behalf or with the help of an entity.

Ancestry said Bill Gates died on July 29, 2013. His wife died around the same time according to Was it a simple mistake or did something actually happen here?

Here is the website that broke this story: in mind that it claims he died along with his wife in 2013. There was a piece on 60 Minutes by Charlie Rose about Gate’s called Bill Gates 2.0. 2.0 is a reference to a newer digital model of something. This came out in May 14, 2013. you understand the significance of these images in this video that was done a month and a half before his alleged death on ancestry?

Bill Gates 2.0. Those in the digital computer software world understand what 2.0, 3.0, ect. represents. These are new updated versions and better models. This 60 Minutes piece is referring to the new and improved version of Gates 2.0 compared to the older version. Did Gates die? Really? Did he get replaced with a clone or some sort of sophisticated Sophia the robot straight out of Westworld? Or is this still Bill Gates and his old self died on July 29th, 2013 to be “born again” into a newer better version of himself. Isn’t this what he is posing with the covid vaccine? Isn’t this what transhumanism is all about? Am I way off base here?Maybe he is a clone but the real Bill Gates is still here. After 2013, why did he change his whole life up and give up on his Microsoft career that made him a billionaire? Why did he give up control of those important things in his life when he was a control freak up to that point in his life? He went from operating systems in computers and fixing digital viruses to putting digital id markers in vaccines to solve the viruses in people through a false blasphemous vaccine. He is putting operating systems in people to mass control the biofields of humans. Am I making sense here?Now back to the Bill Gates 2.0 image on 60 Minutes. Remember what Gates means: A portal or a doorway. Transhumanism is their final goal through the portal of a digital vaccine. This portal to these entities is also opened up through sex changing i.e. transgenderism. The picture of Gates 2.0 is on a parchment paper. Why? In the interview it gets into how Gates bought DaVinci’s Vetruvian Man work for 30 million dollars.

The Vetruvian Man was the final achievement in the Alchemical transformation of the Kabbalistic man. This was their Adam and Eve in the garden. The same sex male and female, light and dark androgynous abomination ala Lucifer/Sophia. This is the portal to the cosmic manknown as Adam Kadmon. Their way back to their so called tree of life. They are eating of its fruit, so they think.

And don’t forget this Economist cover from 2019. I’ve written exclusively on this symbolism.

In the 60 Minutes piece, this is why you see Bill Gates 2.0 portrayed the way he is on the Vetruvian parchment. He is the new Vetruvian man. This brings us to today. He has significantly changed and it just isn’t age. Why do we always see him and Melinda everywhere now? Why does Mel look like a man? Are they representing this transhumanism change right beefier our eyes? And 2.0, the newer better version, is essentially 20. 2020, the year Gates stole the spotlight.

And ask yourself this. In past videos, Gates has 3 freckles on his right check that form a pyramid and in current videos it is gone. Makeup-Surgery? Or maybe something else?

Also notice the “vaccine thermos” behind him. And in the segment, he goes to Ghana to issue vaccinations to the less fortunate. Remember the kentes the Democrats wore? They come from Ghana. Is this 2.0 a clone like some are theorizing? Strange piece for allegedly dying 2 months later. Why does everything match up in the year 20? But there is more..

Gates met with CROWN Prince Salman in March of 2018. A year and a half before the Coronavirus hit the scene. Do we remember the theory of the assassination attempt on the Salman in Las Vegas that turned into a Harvest ritual? He was in the Four Seasons which owned the top 5 floors of the Mandalay Bay. Gates owns the Four Seasons. Have you ever heard of Salman’s “Vision 2030” for Saudi Arabia?

It is to make SA the heart of Islam. Corona has everything to do with Gates (think portal for a second). The inoculation is to tag every human alive with the the AI grid. That is the bottom line for Gates, the gatekeeper to the Digital Certificate. He is he’ll bent on vaccinating every person in the world. What will be the first smart city by 2025 on the artificial grid? NEOM. Who is funding NEOM? Salman.

This is the NEW FUTURE and COVID-19 has provided it. Smart Cities are smart prisons without the bars.

Look at Gate’s wiki page of post-Microsoft era. Strange how his Wiki is laid out imo. 1) AI taking over the world. The one eyed sparrow trying to make the owl his slave. 2) Gates brings up the future pandemic. 3) Meeting Salman to discuss some things. Random? Or not?

A control freak giving everything into the hands of others. Makes sense right? And look at Seattle, where he is living, lawlessness.

I sent the guy a message to see how early 2013 the video on the left was made. Here is my message. Notice the emoji. Does the month always change? July 17?

Remember…July 29th 2013 is when Billy allegedly dies according to ancestry dot com. Melinda is in July 2013 but not a specific date is given.


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  1. Fascinating and compelling information. The way you discern, decipher and make connections is truly a gift from God. I do believe they are inverted as I’ve done a lot of research on the roots of transgenderism and the Kabbalah. Most elite families and celebrities practice this.
    I believe Bill Gates is a cipher. Bill equals 72 in Greek and Hebrew. Gates equals 78 (13×6) Hebrew
    72 divisions in the Illuminati pyramid. Therefore, Bill Gates is a description of the pyramid 72 divisions, 13 levels, 6 sides. Bill is also a abbreviation of Bavarian Illuminati and Gates is an acronym for Geheime Amerikanische Tochtergenossenschaft Dee Erleuchteten Seher-Secret American Daughter Organization of the Illuminated Seers. Also, Lovecraft which is a famous Illuminati writer who wrote gothic horror novels wrote of Yog Sogoth, an Old One monster. Yog Sogoth is the Gateless Gate. He wrote Yog Sogoth is the Gate. Yog Sogoth is the key and guardian of the Gate. Past, present, future all are one in Yog Sogoth. He knows where the old ones broke through and where they shall break through again. He knows where they have trod earth’s fields and where they still tread them, and why no one can behold them as they tread.
    Rumor has it that on the IBM campus, there is a Quantum computer that is housed in a secret building that only a few people have access to. That quantum computer is controlling the world in the sense that Gates or the entity controlling “him” is giving him all the information required to make plans. Think of the Baphomet head to the Knights Templar. He is the outer head of the controlling unknown.

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    1. And YOU, Misty, are a very deep thinker as well. What you just described is portrayed on the show Westworld exactly… Without spoiling anything….


    1. Because they replaced Steven Hawkings, your theory for the Gates is quite credible to me. Deep essay! Thanks for your erudite exploration. This current pair is definitely transgendered.

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  2. I was talking to a computer genius guy I casually know. Nice enough guy, really smart, but drinks too much and has spiritual problems.

    This dude went Reed College at age 16, which takes big time IQ to get into. I was talking to him about computer hacking and good firewalls etc, mostly for my home business use.

    During the conversation, I asked him who the worlds best hacker was, mostly out of curiosity, since he was working for Intel at the time and was in charge of investigating code sequences for cell phones, for their now defunct cell phone chip division.

    He gave me a response that surprised me. He said Bill Gates was the worlds best programmer. Now, I knew Bill had pretty much retired and I do know how to read Wired Magazine, and had watched some specials on hacking, so I found the answer to be odd. Since, it clearly wasn’t true, but he laughed afterwards and later said he was kidding.

    As it turns out. I think an entity was speaking through this guy. This is how they reveal dark secrets, is in riddles.

    As it turns out, he was telling me the truth; but answering a future phenomena, not my intended question.

    Now we do see Bill Gates as the world’s biggest programmer. Note difference in question and response. I asked about hackers; question answered about programmers.

    Looks like this nanobot vaccine Gate is spear heading will initiate the NWO beast system.

    After reading your speculation on Gates version 2.0. Perhaps it was double ended answer to my question; maybe Gates was already AI controlled. I think it was Spring 2016 when this happened, anyway, well past 2013 when that posting was made.

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