CRISPR: Tests and Inoculations for ©¤^!d9+€€n

I had original thought that this covid test was actually a DNA test. I mean come on, this is all happening the same time at the beginning of the year as the 2020 Census is. It is a DNA grab for the digital DNA ID program brought to us by none other than Bill Gates.

In my humble opinion, there are two things that these covid tests are achieving. 1) DNA grab that allows CRISPR to edit your DNA for possible vaccination. 2) Assuming it is a real test for the COVID19 (which we know its not an actual influenza test for any sort of virud) but could possibly be for a nanoparticles test to see what has been ingested. I always wondered if this test was to see what you had in your body ie nanoparticulates. Most would test positive for this as we have all ingested nanoparticulates from geo-engineering.

Nasopharyngeal swabs are used for both CRISPR and Covid test.

Do you realize that the CRISPR nasal DNA sample is done like this? Reports that CRISPR would be used for COVID testing came out in mid-April, around the same time the CDC said they would do the Nasopharyngeal swab. 1G testing. Completely coincidental.

“If the virus is present, a gene-editing tool called Crispr will make the tube’s contents glow at a wavelength detectable by a smartphone.”

It is a wavelength because it is digital. My goodness. When will ppl finally realize what is going on here?

And how will they be able to see the glowing contents by using a smart phone. First off the virus per say is digital. I’ve gone over that. This is why eventually everyone will have the king snake plague called coronavirus turned covid19. But this CRISPR editor may be seen using luciferin. It is a light embodying compound that comes from the Latin word Lucifer or “light bringer”.

So the nasal swab gets to the blood brain barrier. Why? This comes from @gbdunikoff. “New NIH research cites Nose-to-Brain Pathway dlvry of Nanoparticle drugs & genetic matrl directly across Blood-Brain-Barrier

N2B targets Olfactory & Trigeminal Nerves – at back of nasal cavity

Exactly where Test Swab contacts!

WHY Test at N2B?

Use of Nasal-to-Brain (N2B) Delivery of drugs, genetic material & biomarkers, carries BioEthical issues

Heading up the BioETHICS Division of NIH is…


Virus tRNA & A-Bodies are in saliva

WHY N2B Covid “Tests”?

Meanwhile, while World focused on Injectible Vaccines, NEW NIH research indicates strong potential for N2B Delivery of NASAL VACCINES

Again – Fauci’s Wife – Christine Grady – “in-charge” of BioEthics Policy

BTW – Fauci & Bill Gates are good buddies

Further –

Addn’l NIH research, using nanoparticle Quantum Dots – capable as biomarkers &
barcodes, embedded in cells & genetic material

Also 2015 report on Smartphone tracking of nano-QD coded disease cells.”


So back to Bill Gates. Just “another coincidence”. Bill Gates loves CRISPR for vaccines, food and ending disease.

There may be a chance that Gates may put a CRISPR gene DNA editor in that vaccine for the masses. Go big or go home right? But they say it is just a Digital ID or Certificate. I highly doubt it, not unless you are as gullible as the rest of them.

What is the definition of certificate? Actin of certifying. Certificate comes from the word certify. “To declare the TRUTH” or “witness the truth of”. Nope. There is absolutely no truth to trying to turn your body into a transformer or terminator hybrid. They allege that this certificate is only to make sure people are carrying this “virus” named covid. Are we that stupid and impressionable? Not me.

So they want to put the “truth” of the “light bringer” in you? Nope. Not me. Jesus Christ is ALL I need.

Your digital id is for your artificial self. Yes you have another you out there in the cloud. It was established years ago in ALL CAPS. Remember that? They need to simulate you digitally though. Full on demonic possession. AI is their master. There father is the devil.

And let me throw this into all of this again. The virus is a digital frequency sent from a tower (think tower of Babel for a second). Remember the paper I wrote explaining my theory how the Tower of Babel could’ve possibly not only been physical but spiritual and the use of bitumen from the giants was used for the building blocks like DNA is used for the building blocks of a human body? This is what these modern day towers are dying today sending frequencies out to the masses. Destroying and then rebuilding DNA in our bodies with the help of chemtrails, geo-engineering, food, drink and even your clothes. This demonic tech is encompassing everything everywhere.

And these new towers of Babel are now being helping in the sending of these frequencies by satellites. Musk has thrown up hundreds of satellites in the last few months with Star Link to make a satellite constellation if you will. Remember that a satellite was originally used in conjunction with a planet. I’ve written a book called Their god is Jupiter and I go through the connection with all of this and the frequencies that planets like Saturn and Jupiter put out towards humanity. In my opinion, they have somewhat harnessed these frequencies using AI. And remember, AI is nothing more than demonic entities and fallen angels. The watchers are still watching.

So now they (the elite controlled by demonic entities) are showing us more and more that these frequencies are affecting us and being put into us and manipulating people more and more. This is the building blocks of these earth dwellers. You better make sure you are sealed by the Spirit of GOD and that is only given through Jesus Christ.

Here is examples I have come across accidentally in the last few days. Do you see what I see?

Read this from 2 years ago on the wifi symbol….

And then this article from The Economist article. I do appreciate the use of “Mary and Q” together locked in with “conspiracy theorist”. But that’s not what I see here. Can you see it? The frequency Wi-Fi signal coming off of the coronavirus model. Honestly, they are making me not look crazy now.

I will predict that you will start seeing more of this wifi symbolism connected to people and the coronavirus.


Scientists tap CRISPR’s search-and-detect skills to create a rapid Covid-19 test

Scientists tap CRISPR’s search-and-detect skills to create a rapid Covid-19 test


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