The Invocation to the Red Heifer

I think as we get closer to the burning of this red heifer we will start seeing more and more of these type of invocations. I spotted two yesterday without even looking for it. The first is from the new Carl’s Jr. commercial.

Happy Unleashes The Monster“.

Happy is the name of the star and the Monster is the hamburger. Notice the shadow looks like a dragons head. Now how is this even alluding to the red heifer you may ask? Well Happy is another name for the Apis bull. Hapi-Ankh is what it was called. In my book I state that what we are dealing with here as far as this red heifer sacrifice goes, is actually the golden calf. They have worshipped this heifer because to them, this is their saving grace for their “messiah” to come back. This heifer is in fact genetically modified and was conceived and born on certain days. It will be burnt on an appointed day. They actually have 2 of these heifers ready to be burnt to ashes and instead of 10 red heifers it would suddenly become 11 red heifers through history. 11 is the number of chaos. More on Happy the bull here (

I already mentioned this one with the aardark bull look a like cv mobile testing site and you can read it hear (

The next one comes from Beyonce’s new movie/video Nimrod propaganda from The Lion King called Black is King. Remember, historically, Nimrod and Osiris were both black men. In the preview you see symbolism of Lucifer falling from heaven to earth. It is no wonder why one black life matters to them right now…Nimrod.

You can see Beyonce promoting Hathor, the cow goddess, with her cow print on and sun disk between her horns. Hathor was also recognized as Isis later on. Once again, I mention all these connections in my book with Isis and the red heifer.

“In the Book of the Dead of Ani, she is depicted as a cow who welcomes the deceased to the afterlife…Her symbol was a sistrum – a musical instrument which made a noise like a tambourine. In mythology, she had healing powers. For example, she healed the eyes of Horus after Seth gouged them out. In the story, Hathor found him weeping in a desert, caught a gazelle, and milked it. She poured the milk into the eye of Horus and restored his sight.” (

So Hathor was a cow and in the form of the Apis bull. Not only that but she was depicted as being red and the sun disc being red. I suggest it could’ve been a blood red moon. “When she is depicted as entirely a cow, she always has beautifully painted eyes and wears a red sun disc between her horns. She was often depicted in red (the color of passion) though her sacred color is turquoise. It is also interesting to note that only she and the dwarf god Bes (who also had a role in childbirth) were ever depicted in portrait (rather than in profile).

“She was also a goddess of destruction in her role as the Eye of Ra – defender of the sun god. According to legend, people started to criticise Ra when he ruled as Pharaoh. Ra decided to send his “eye” against them (in the form of Sekhmet). She began to slaughter people by the hundred. When Ra relented and asked her to stop she refused as she was in a blood lust.

The only way to stop the slaughter was to colour beer red (to resemble blood) and pour the mixture over the killing fields. When she drank the beer, she became drunk and drowsy, and slept for three days. When she awoke with a hangover she had no taste for human flesh and mankind was saved. Ra renamed her Hathor and she became a goddess of love and happiness.”

She was originally a personification of the Milky Way, which was considered to be the milk that flowed from the udders of a heavenly cow (linking her with Nut, Bat and Mehet-Weret). As time passed she absorbed the attributes of many other goddesses but also became more closely associated with Isis, who to some degree usurped her position as the most popular and powerful goddess.some scholars suggest that the cow-headed goddess depicted on the palette is in fact Bat (an ancient cow goddess who was largely absorbed by Hathor) or even Narmer himself.” (

Now the article above mentioned Hathors association to Bat (pronounced like bah, like a sheep).

Some believe that the two were one in the same. Now if you remember correctly, what was the one thing that started this coronavirus craze? A bat. Then a bat eaten by a snake. The Bat and their cow goddess bringing about that red heifer.

Bat (or Bata) was an ancient Egyptian cow goddess associated with Upper Egypt. She was originally a deification of the Milky Way (which was compared to a pool of cows milk). Her name is the feminine form of the word “ba”, the name of one of the major elements of the soul. She was associated with the ankh (the symbol of life or breath) and with the sistrum (which was also associated with Hathor.

She is rarely depicted in ancient Egyptian art (she occasionally appears as a celestial cow surrounded by stars), however, her human face with bovine features often adorned jewellery and amulets. A cow goddess who is though to be Bat appears on a pectoral from the twelfth dynasty flanked by Horus and Set (representing upper and lower Egypt) implying that she was a force which unified the two lands.” (

There is also the connection here to Nut (yes that explains why these people are NUTS). “Nut (Nuit, Nwt) was the personification of the sky and the heavens. She was the daughter Shu and Tefnut and the granddaughter of the creator god (Atum or Ra). Her husband/brother was Geb the earth god. However, she could also be said to be the mother of Ra. The Coffin Texts refer to her as “she of the braided hair who bore the gods”.

She was a cow goddess who adopted some of the attributes of Hathor. When Ra became tired of ruling, she up into the heavens on her back in the form of a cow...Because of her role in the rebirth of the sun, she became a mother-like protector of the dead who was often painted on the inside lid of the sarcophagus, protecting the mummy.” (
she of the braided hair who bore the gods

Another recent article from the The Economist.

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