The Great Eclipse of 2024/5784

I have mentioned before that if this red heifer is burnt after the first or on the first of 1 Tishri 5781/9-18-20, the 1290 days of Daniel would come near the date og the great eclipse of the United States that goes South to North East. This will make an X across the country that originally started with the August 2017 eclipse that went from West to East. The X makes a center point with both eclipse. More on that in a second.

Notice that 1290 days from April 1, 2024 would actually start on Sept. 19th. Here we would have the ashes of the waters of purification connected to the number 19. Think, ashes of the red heifer as the replacement for CV 19 as the ultimate vaccination for the Jews. The greatest April 1st joke ever, other than the Jews changing the first of the Biblical calendar that started April 1st to September. That’s kind of the continuous joke here with them.

Or if it just so happened that the end of 1290 days landed on April 8th 2024, the day of this eclipse, it would need to be burnt on Sept 26, 2020.

Now September 26 of this year is called the Sabbath of the Return. It goes with their Aliyah back to the land of Israel. That would be the literal physical interpretation but maybe returning back to the true Messiah who paid the ultimate price for you, Jesus.

“Shabbat Shuvah (“Sabbath [of] Return” שבת שובה) refers to the Shabbat that occurs during the Ten Days of Repentance between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Only one Shabbat can occur between these dates. This Shabbat is named after the first word of the Haftarah (Hosea 14:2-10) and literally means “Return!” It is perhaps a play on, but not to be confused with, the word Teshuvah (the word for repentance). Shabbat Shuva begins at sundown on Fri, 25 September 2020.”

This day was also important in 826 BC because the 8 Tishrei is when Solomon’s Temple was dedicated. At this point in history this is huge as they await their 3rd Temple that will be identical to Herod’s Temple (in my opinion).

This red heifer sacrifice would actually need to take place at sundown on the 26th (1st day of the week) because it is the Sabbath (until sundown) during the 10 days of repentance. This would be significant based of the ashes of the red heifer and the repentance connection.

Now I wrote about this 2024 eclipse in 2017 but didn’t mention the red heifer connection. I think I should re-post a few things I wrote and I mention the importance of the “X marks the spot” area.

I want to revisit an article I did in 2017 before we saw the August eclipse that is the first part of this X that we will see fulfilled in April of 2024. The interesting thing about these 2 eclipses that are 7 years a part is that they form an x, as in x marks the spot. With everything going on with this “pandemic/virus/fake mandates” and everything else that makes no sense at all, this x may be more important than we think. The intersecting point has been known as Makanda or Little Egypt, Illinois but some coordinates actually tell us it is at Simpson or Gilead Church Road. It depends on who you want to listen to, but Simpson and Cedar Lake (the other actual spot next to Makanda) are only 31 miles apart.

“The article from Bible Gematria goes onto to say “After 2017, the next total solar eclipse across the United States occurs on April 8th, 2024. Incredibly, the geographical coordinate 37.5° N 88.8° W not only appears within the path of the total phase of the 2024 eclipse, but also marks the point of intersection between the 2017 and 2024 eclipse pathways.” The intersecting point of these two eclipses that are 7 years apart is located at 37.5° N 88.8° W. This is actually near the New Madrid fault line but these same coordinates in the stars are located in the constellation Crater. Crater actually borders Leo, Virgo, Corvus, Sextans and the snake Hydra. You already can see the Virgo/Jupiter connection here and I’ll mention the Leo connection in a second. Notice the 88 Gemini connection also. But first lets talk about the area where 37.5 longitude and 88.8 latitude is located in the heavens. Crater means “cup” in Latin and this cup belonged to Apollo (Osiris/Nimrod). “In Greek mythology, the Crater constellation represents the cup of the god Apollo. The cup is usually depicted as a two-handed chalice. The constellation is associated with the story of Apollo and his sacred bird, either the crow or the raven, which is represented by the neighbouring constellation Corvus. In the story, the god Apollo is about to make a sacrifice on the altar and he needs some water to perform the ritual. The god sends the raven to promptly fetch some water in his cup, but the bird gets distracted by a fig tree and spends a few days lazily resting and waiting for the figs to ripen. After feasting on the figs, the raven finally brings Apollo the cup filled with water and he also brings a water snake (Hydra) as an excuse for being so late. Apollo sees through the raven’s lies and angrily casts all three – the cup (Crater), the water snake (Hydra) and the raven (Corvus) into the sky.” (

I wonder if this cup is related to the cups of wrath that are poured out? E.W. Bullinger seems to think so, he calls it the Divine Cup of Wrath. “This Cup has the significant number of thirteenstars (the number of Apostacy). The two–Al Ches (a), which means the Cup, and (b)–determine the bottom of the Cup.” (

(Before I go on let me interject about this “cup”. We saw the kick off of violence in the Untied States because of the George Floyd death. Remember, he was arrested because of fake bills at CUP FOODS and was initially arrested in front of DRAGON WOK restaurant before being walked back across the street to CUP FOODS. CUP FOODS was also above a mosque. We already see the cup symbolism.)

This meeting/intersecting point of both of these eclipse are in Simpson, Illinois. I don’t want to even get into the Simpsons show with all of their pre-programming that has been happening, but this is where it happens to intersect (according to one website). The road is called Gilead Church Road. (Gilead was one of the first Israeli companies to promote their new CV 19 vaccination. Along with Gilead being the fictitious country in The Handsmaid Tale).

Now here is the thing with Gilead. A few years after I had gotten saved I had these dreams about Gilead. I had no idea what they meant except that in my dream i was coming from Gilead. I knew that Gilead was the birth place of Elijah and that was about it. Now according to some scholars Gilead means a witness heap. This is based off of the pile of stones heaped up between Jacob and Laban to certify their covenant at Mount Gilead. We can see that this is connected to making a covenant and the Prophet Elijah.” (

Will Gilead be the heap of witness in 2024 to see the return of Jesus? We hope so but I cannot be dogmatic about it. There is also an intersection spot that some are saying it is near Carbondale, Illinois that is nicknamed Little Egypt. It happens to be in a reservoir called Cedar Lake. Ironically their is a creek that runs along side of Simpson that is called Cedar Creek.

Why does the Carbondale area – referred to as ‘Little Egypt’ (why?) – get such a celestial jackpot? Not only will the USA experience a Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017, but another will sweep through seven years later on on April 8, 2024. Carbondale is close to the point of greatest duration, and at 13:20 p.m. CDT Totality will last for 2 minutes and 38 seconds. In 2024, it’s over 4 minutes, but the chances of having a clear view of Totality is much greater in 2017 since the 2024 event occurs during a typically cloudy part of the year.” (

Now Simpson has around 60 people living there on approximately 336 acres. Small is an understatement. Just North East of it is the Garden of the Gods in Herod, Ill. And North West of it is the Lake of Egypt. Every spot in this area has either a Biblical reference or Egyptian reference. It makes me wonder if some of the lost tribes of physical Israel settled here. Very well could be.

Now the other area mentioned, that everyone seems to push, is the area of Makanda meaning little ones. I first want you to look at the geography of this area and look at these 2 lakes less than 9 miles from Cedar Lake.

The one on the left is Little Grassy Lake and on the right is Devil’s Kitchen Lake. Tell me that those two lakes don’t look like some sort of creatures walking towards Cedar Lake/Makanda? Here is all three of them together.

Now Makanda has about 550 people living there and is named after a local Native American chief. I mentioned Makanda means ‘little ones’ and it also means ‘family’ in Kongo. Ironically, in the 17th century, Makanda was a name for voodoo in Haiti. During the same time, the Catholic Church in Kongo used to call the Bible Kanda. This can be find here: (www.bookmanlit/faqsaboutus.html).

In 1799 Baptist minister John Badgley dubbed the fertile highlands and bottoms near Edwardsville the “Land of Goshen.” Early Edwardsville was known as Goshen. This was a biblical reference to Egypt.” Makanda was also famous for Theodore and Al Thompson flying a Union Flag in Makanda in defiance of the Knights of the Golden Circle. This was a pro-slavery group that had Democratic members and some believe Boothe, Lincoln’s killer, was a member.

The whole Southern Illinois area is known as Little Egypt. It was an predominantly free State in the North but that couldn’t be said for about Little Egypt.

In 1921, Makanda had a slogan that called it the “Star of Egypt”. That’s interesting right? Since we are talking about a eclipse on April 8th, 2024 that is right before the April 22nd Passover. There is now a whole other way to look at this in relation to the Passover and Egypt. So is there a Star of Egypt? Yes. Algol. The demon star. The cannibal CainAbel star.

Now since there are so many Egyptian connections here with the intersection point being in Southern Illinois and it being known as Little Egypt and Land of Goshen, I thought this was something looking into. Makanda means little ones and is etymological tied to voodoo in Kongo. It reminds you of the little horn of Daniel ie the Antichrist. “According to a February 24, 1921 edition of the Woodland Daily Democrat, in an article titled Slogans of the Various Illinois Cities, the town of Makanda used the slogan “Star of Egypt.” ( So now we see Makanda is called the Star of Egypt and according to some calculations, Makanda is the intersecting point for these two eclipses that are 7 years a part. So what is the star of Egypt exactly?

It is called Algol the demon star. Algol is a three star system located in Perseus and it is the brightest star. Egyptians discovered this star blinking from blue to blood red almost 3,200 years ago. In actuality it is 2 seperate stars eclipsing each other at a fast rate, but we are told that it is a cluster of three stars. My first thought was the 3 dots of Freemasonry, their calling card. These stars eclipse every 2.850 days.

And it is located in Perseus who was the sun of Zeus/Jupiter who cut the head off of Medusa, the snake haired demon. She is represented in some deliverance ministries as Jezebel. “in 1881 that a University of Harvard astronomer called Edward Pickering confirmed the fact: there is more than one of Algol. A dense, brilliant blue star and a diffuse, bloated red star orbit perilously close to one another, merging into a single point of light. The two bodies are aligned to form an eclipsing binary, with the red star periodically passing in front of the blue, blocking it from our view.” (

“The name Algol derives from Arabic رأس الغول raʾs al-ghūl : head (raʾs) of the ogre (al-ghūl) (see “ghoul”). The English name Demon Star was taken from the Arabic name…In Hebrew folklore, Algol was called Rōsh ha Sāṭān or “Satan’s Head”, as stated by Edmund Chilmead, who called it “Divels head” or Rosch hassatan. A Latin name for Algol from the 16th century was Caput Larvae or “the Spectre’s Head”. Hipparchus and Pliny made this a separate, though connected, constellation…According to R.H. Allen the star bore the grim name of Tseih She 積屍 (Zhi Shī), meaning “Piled up Corpses” but this appears to be a misidentification.” (

“Historically, the star has received a strong association with bloody violence across a wide variety of cultures. In the Tetrabiblos, the 2nd-century astrological text of the Alexandrian astronomer Ptolemy, Algol is referred to as “the Gorgon of Perseus” and associated with death by decapitation: a theme which mirrors the myth of the hero Perseus’s victory over the snake-haired Gorgon Medusa. Astrologically,[clarification needed] Algol is considered one of the unluckiest stars in the sky, and was listed as one of the 15 Behenian stars.”

“The Behenian fixed stars are a selection of fifteen stars considered especially useful for magical applications in the medieval astrology of Europe and the Arab world. Their name derives from Arabic bahman, “root,” as each was considered a source of astrological power for one or more planets. Each is also connected with a gemstone and plant that would be used in rituals meant to draw the star’s influence (e.g., into a talisman).” ( Algol is the first one on the Behenian fixed start list. And this isn’t an alphabetical list. Algol was used for magical and ritual purposes and the planets connected to Algol just so happens to be Saturn and Jupiter. Its gemstone used in ritual is diamonds.

The plant it is connected to is Hellebores and it is known to be poisoness in some species, even with names like winter rose or Christmas rose. You can actually find this plant on Illinois. The scientific name Helleborus derives from the ancient greek word ἑλλέβορος (helléboros), the name for H. orientalis, constructed from ἑλεῖν (heleîn), meaning “to injure”, and βορά (borá), meaning “food”. “During the Siege of Kirrha in 585 BC, hellebore was reportedly used by the Greek besiegers to poison the city’s water supply. The defenders were subsequently so weakened by diarrhea that they were unable to defend the city from assault.”

“In the official European materia medica several historical records can be found on the therapeutic use of hellebores. In the Ancient Times the region of Anticyra, a port in the north coast of the Gulf of Corinth was famed for its hellebores which were regarded as a cure for insanity, gout, and epilepsy (Encyclopaedia Britannica 1910a).

The medical history of the species is a matter of controversion, because it has often been mistaken for other species (e.g. Adonis vernalis L., Actaea spicata L., Astrantia major L.), as a result of false botanical identification. The name of Helleborus has been used in some cases to describe other plants. Typical examples include mentioning H. albus for Veratrum album (Woodville 1810), or H. niger for Melampodium, which has been named in Melampus’ honor. Melampus, an ancient mythological shepherd and healer recommended the milk of a goat, which had been fed on the herb of hellebore, for the daughters of King Proetus for madness (Wood and Bache 1839; Encyclopaedia Britannica 1910b). Gallic men soaked the arrows into ellebore during hunting (data by Plinius). In Ancient Egypt the species was applied against mental disorders (Rácz 2010). In the antique medicine of Europe, the root was used as a purgative drug and for maniacal disorders by the removal of black bile.” (

Now Algol was represented as the eye in head of Medusa the ghoul. A quick sidenote: isn’t it strange how most of these tyrannical leaders add-ons the world have a ghoulish look to them as they are battling their mask stay at home orders. I find that interesting. They are literally scary looking ghoulish figures. “FROM 93 light years away in the constellation of Perseus, the Demon Star winks at us. Roughly once every three days its bright blue light turns bloodshot as it reddens, fades for a few hours and then blazes out once more. For the ancient Greeks, it marked the blinking eye of the Gorgon Medusa, whose head was severed by Perseus. The star’s more common name, Algol, derives from the Arabic al-ghul – the ghoul.” (

Algol also has a connection to Horus who was the sun of Osiris. Remember, the Egyptian eye is the eye of Horus. “In general, ancient Egyptian scribes seem to have avoided direct references to celestial events, because writing was considered in itself to have a magical power that allows the scribe to communicate with the gods,” wrote Porceddu and his colleagues. But it’s there if you look closely enough at the events from two key Egyptian religious stories, “The Destruction of Mankind” and “The Contendings of Horus and Seth,” which appear throughout the calendar and influence many days’ prognoses. The timing of those events parallels the rotation of Algol and the monthly cycle of the Moon. For example, on the 27th day of the first month of Akhet, the flood season, the calendar records that “the god Horus and his enemy Seth rest from their struggles,” and the scribes recommend that readers avoid killing snakes.

Further research revealed that ancient Egyptian papyrus Cairo 86637 calendar is the oldest preserved historical document of naked eye observations of a variable star, the eclipsing binary Algol – a manifestation of Horus, a god and a king.” (

The real surprise is that Algol seems to represent Horus, an Egyptian god with ties to the Sun and embodied by the living pharaoh, and its period is connected to lucky days on the calendar. That sets Egypt apart from most other ancient cultures, which usually saw Algol as harbinger of evil. To the ancient Greeks, the variable star was the “Head of Gorgon.” And in ancient Arabic culture, it was “the head of the ghoul,” and that’s where the modern name Algol comes from. For medieval European astrologers, it represented an ill omen, or the “evil eye.” (

There is so much here about Algol the demon star, which is actually 3 stars. Think of the inverted trinity. Think of the 3 Masonic dots that is their calling card. Think of the duality of red/blue fire/water symbolism. I have written about all of this symbolism in the past and it is all connected. You have a Star of Egypt, that represents Horus their coming god, that is represented by a blue and blood red star that eclipses each other that has the same name as the event horizon inserting point for two eclipses that are 7 years a part. It is related to a beheading. They call it a ghoul or demon star that has sometimes been called the cannibal star because it eats itself everyday. Cain and Abel=Cannibal. Cain the first murder who was marked X murdered his brother Abel and sacrificed him on the altar of the earth. Then ate him as a rebellion and defying GOD. Is this how that went down? We have the great conjunction coming up on 12\20-22/2020 with Saturn and Jupiter. And those 2 planets just so happens to be connected to this star of Egypt Algol. Is this a omen? I think so. Especially if the red heifer is burnt 1290 prior to this eclipse coming to make its MARK. And remember, the RED heifer ashes gets put into BLUE water. I hope you see all of this that is transpiring.


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