D20: Baphomet and Jupiter

The D20 logo. The obvious is there. The sideways baphomet in the D. When turned right side up, you can see it.

D20. You also have 420 (the D is 3 and the 20)and DB is 2 and O is zero(0) that is deciphered.

D is dalet meaning door. Dalet used alone is symbolic for “The Name”. Through my research this secret unspoken “Name” in Judaism and used by the Samaritans is IOVE or Jupiter. Bet is house or family. Bet can also be used as a preposition and mean ‘in’. O is a vowel. So it is nothing.

In Hebrew, Bet and Dalet add up to 6, number of man and the beast. So here is what D20 says. The Name (Jupiter) or The Door (Dalet) in the house or family (Bet) of America (0) because you have the silhouette of the country in it. Do you see America in the zero?

But what is in the DNC Twitter zero?

A face? No. It is Wisconsin in the zero. Looked like a face at first glance.

Their god is still Jupiter.


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