My Experience Living with Malki By STONE TAYLOR

I came across this article and I thought it would help you put Stone and Malki in perspective with what’s going on. Malki claims he is Elijah and Stone, well I’m assuming a Moses type character.

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My Experience Living with Malki

Before I can explain my experience in living with the infamous Malki Tzadik, I have to provide a little background information. During the winter of 2018, I was led by the Holy Spirit to read several books written by a woman named Belle Twigg. The sections I was led to read were all about a relationship dynamic between two angels called Metatron and Sandalphon. Basically, they are the two aspects of the Messianic Consciousness. I greatly enjoyed these books, but I didn’t understand why I was being guided to them or how they were relevant to me.

During this time, I was being led by Elohim into some deep, mystical studies. I had not yet come across Malki’s facebook at this time, nor had I heard of him. At this point, I was part of an online congregation called “Remnant House”. The “shepherd” of this group would say things in his broadcasts that were completely against what the Spirit was teaching me. The very things Elohim wanted to teach me were what this “shepherd” would condemn as abominations.

I started falling into a very deep depression. The man who was supposed to be my leader made me feel nothing but condemnation. I began to doubt, asking questions like “Am I evil”, “is the Spirit I love an evil Spirit?”, “am I of the enemy?”

There was one sabbath morning where the Holy Spirit led me to study some Buddhist concepts that were totally in line with Torah. That same afternoon, my “shepherd’s” broadcast made a bold statement about how “we don’t need Buddhism or any of those people who want to bring those things into our gospel”. I immediately felt sick to my stomach. There was no communication between me and this man that day, it was clearly a spiritual message, but I didn’t know which kind. I wanted to keep following what I knew was the Spirit, but I was also terrified of the possibility of going against the earthly authority that Yah has established. Here came the doubt.

I went to the bathroom mirror and looked deep into my eyes. I started to wonder if I was one of the enemies plants here to deceive the Father’s children. I started thinking about my little brother. “What if I am an agent of the satan here to destroy his life?” This broke my heart. I feel into such a deep depression to the point of wanting to kill myself. This was especially grieving to me considering I had already attempted suicide before I met Yeshua. When He came and revealed His love to me, I was so sorry that I had done this, and so confident that I would never reach that state of mind again. Yet here I was, laying on the floor contemplating death. “What happened to the One I fell in love with?”, I thought.

Not long after, I came across Malki’s videos on Facebook. I think the first one I saw was him on a beach somewhere talking about being high on cannabis. I immediately loved the dude. Anyway, as I began to watch through his videos, he was speaking about all the things that Elohim was trying to teach me (along with much more). Malki gave me the confidence to believe my Eloah. Malki took the feelings of condemnation away from me. Malki revived my faith. Malki revived my soul. Malki showed me the Messiah that I remembered and love. I no longer cared what the other “shepherd” had to say. My soul found comfort.

As I began to follow Malki’s videos, some supernatural connection was established. The timing synchronicities between us were undeniably Divinely orchestrated. Elohim would teach me something, and Malki would make a video on the concept the very same night. I would read something in a book, and Malki would say the same thing in a video, the very same night.

One day I read in one of Belle’s books that an ancient Hebrew sage said something along the lines of “Every stone of God’s temple makes a unique song to Him, and the temple cannot be complete if even one of his Sons are missing”. The next day, Malki made a very emotional video about how Yah’s temple sings to Him, each of His living stones a different frequency. I wish I would have reached out to him at that time with the quote from the book, but my poor social skills prevented me. Maybe Belle will put her books back on Kindle Unlimited and I can find it for him.

Anyway, these timing synchronicities went on for a long time. We hadn’t even began messaging each other at this point. Even without speaking to each other, we were clearly very connected in the Spirit.

Then one day, Malki made a video that changed everything for me. His voice changed, his eyes were flaming with zeal, his face radiating with the Shekinah. My spirit cried out “My Brother!”. I immediately recognized him in this glorified state, but I didn’t know why.
Then he began to speak about how his Father tells him that he is the prophet Elijah, becoming the Angel Sandalphon. My spirit was set ablaze with excitement. The books finally made sense. The relationship dynamic between these two brothers was exactly what was going on between us through the internet, even without really speaking.

When I finally decided to reach out to Malki, I thanked him for making the videos that he makes, but I didn’t say much else. I didn’t mention anything about the books Elohim was showing me. One day I had a vision of being with him and his family out in the desert, where we were being rejected and condemned by most of the so called “assembly”. Yah asked me if I was willing to be hated for Him, and I said yes.

A few days later, Malki messaged me inviting me to come visit him in Arizona. I was stoked to come. I didn’t want to tell his family that I knew prophetically that I was now going to be living with them, but I think 16 months later they get it now.

When I arrived at Malki’s home, I immediately sensed it being filled with the Shekinah. One of the first things he did was hand me a book about Archangel Metatron. My spirit was overly excited. We knew immediately we had some special connection.

Malki immediately informed me that his house is a House of Judgement and Testing that Yah brings His leaders through. He immediately told me “who he is and what he does”, as he likes to put it. He informed me how he often gets angry with people because of what he can sense in their hearts, and they then accuse him of being evil and leave.Since I could see the tangible Shekinah radiating off of his body and filling his home, I figured I should take heed to what he said.

Not long after, I watched this take place. The “shepherd” I mentioned earlier, as well as some of his congregants, also happened to be taking a trip out here. Elohim had shown me in a vision that Malki and I would be bringing judgment on this man together, but I couldn’t believe it initially. Sure enough, within just a few days, I watched these people accuse Malki of being evil and full of pride. I watched Malki get angry and yell, just like he said. I watched them all abandon him, even after he blessed them. But the Shekinah stayed upon Malki and his home, and I know she does not remain in places of impurity.

This was the beginning of our “mission”. While Malki and I had an immediate connection, things did not always flow well between us. Between my poor social intelligence and disassociation, I was in my own world and was blocking the flow between us. Even though I was coming from a place of innocence, it was still a form of pride.

About about a month of being at Malki’s house, he got angry with me one day and made a comment along the lines, “I have treated you like a son this whole time. I need a servant, not another son”. It was true that he had treated me like a son, and I had not shown fatherly respect to him. It was also true that he needed and deserved a servant. While it did hurt my feelings to some degree when he said this, I knew that it was true that I have no idea how to be a son, or a servant, or how relationships even work in general. How could I possible say that he was wrong?

From this point on I tried to be a better servant, not having any idea what I was doing. There are a lot of basic skills that I never learned growing up. I can be very detached from the environment. I can be a very frustrating person to be around. Anyway, I did the best I could.
Things were going smoother but their still wasn’t that level of trust that relationships required. He has been screwed over by so many people, so I can’t blame him.

Then Fall Feast season came around, and everything changed. Yah called us both to Yerushalyim. Malki has been going every year for more times than I can count, but this was my first trip. I saw a whole new side of him in the Holy Land. I saw a soldier.

The turning point was the Mount of Olives 70 Nations Event. That morning, Malki said “Be prepared, I think I might have to sacrifice a Lamb today”. As we head over to the area where our group was meeting, we missed the group bus. At that same time, Malki gets a phone call from a sister who just arrived in Yerushalyim. She asked where Malki was. When he told her where we were, she said “Me too!” and a taxi appeared in front of us with her hand hanging out the window. Our taxi ended up arriving to the Mt of Olives before the group did.
As we get to the top, the Spirit tells Malki to take his shoes off. Next thing you know, a news reporter comes to Malki and asks if he knows how to slaughter a lamb. Malki began crying immediately.
While we were on that mountain, I witnessed Malki confess Yeshua as Messiah and pronounce the Name of Yahuah in front of an entire assembly of orthodox Jews. Both of these things could get you killed, but he remained loyal to his Master. As we did the sacrifice together, something special happened between us.

That afternoon, Yeshua told me I was to make myself Malki’s servant for real. A few days later, in a car ride to Svadt, I gave Malki my crown. I made myself his servant for life. Considering the Shekinah in him revived my soul, it is the least I could do.
Now we are producing fruit. Servanthood based on brotherly love is how the kingdom operates.
While we still have our natural ups and downs, nothing could separate the brotherly love between us, because He is in our midst.

I have much more to say about servant hood, the role of Elijah, the Judah-Joseph dynamic, and many other things. But first I owe Malki this public testimony of what he has done for me.


  • Malki Tzadik Don’t worry about the Buddhism. I believe that I was sharing something christian from a different angle. When my son who was very young at the time told me the story of Buddha as he was taught in school i began to weep as it speaks of the messiah as well. The closer we get the more we see Him everywhere! In everything too. He is LOVE and wherever we see that we see Him. Two or more gathered in brotherly love He is in the midst. Yahushua went up the mountain to meet with Moshe and Eliyahu. Now when two are gathered we become those two and bring the Moschiac down. Spirit and Truth. Guess who is who? Love you brother! And all who Love Him.
    • Malki Tzadik I had a very serious time of judgments in Jerusalem from an ex chinese Buddist. He was calling him a demon and i asked why. He said because He is a false God. I being led by the Spirit asked oh did He say that He was God and to worship Him? He said No. i said what torah did he break? He said nothing that I know. I said then why do you make yourself a judge against a man that didn’t do anything wrong but because man chose to worship him.? Yahushua never even said to worship Him. I believe the tree He sat under was Yahushua and Jacobs ladder being tree if life (enlightenment). Lets never forget who separated the languages and the world. All done to build a body. Nobody is higher than their master. We know in the end that all knees bow to the King of Kings. But Abba chose to build it that way. He chose some Jews of the synagogue of satan to create the wealth of the world but in the end-it all belongs to the King and His Bride.Condensed version of story of Buddha by my son. There was a prince that knew no pain suffering or death as in His kingdom it was all kept away from Him. One day the gates were open and He saw outside there was pain suffering and death. He decided to live with them and He sat under a tree and found enlightenment (rapture).
      I get from that story. Like our Moschiac we have to suffer and go thru our fears and pain to ascend and have everlasting life. Buddha had to experience pain to be enlightened by the Messiah s Spirit and be enlightened.
  • Belle Twigg Shalom my heavenly brethren. I praise Him for directing you to where you need to be in this hour. More of the tzaddikim are coming forward and being revealed. Such is the awareness of this time. It is wisdom that draws one to such men and women, whether it be for a season or a lifetime.

Video of Malki saying the spirit of “Yeshua” was in that sacrificed lamb on 9/27/19.


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