The Ethiopian Mayan Jewish Gregorian Calendar Synchronicities

This comes from M.P. (“direct quotes at the end”) who has used some of my research. Very good though. I’ll put it in my own words based on my research.

The Mayan Calendar according to the Ethiopian Calendar.

The ethiopian calendar starts on 09/11 every year, it is 7 years behind the Gregorian and 9/11/19 was the beginning of 2012. Keep in mind that the Jewish new year is always in September/October for their secular religious calendar. God’s biblical calendar starts in March/April in the spring. 5781 stars on 9/18/20 and the Mayan calendar allegedly ended on 12/21/12. But who’s calendar should we be looking at? Also, starting on the Chinese calendar in January (Chinese New Year) of 2021, this is the year of the Ox. And it’s red.

Read this article below.

According to the Ethiopian Calendar, the mayan calendar will end on 08/27/2020.

On 08/28/2018 there was a red heifer born in Golan Heights, Israel.

I have argued the point that The Temple Institute has made that the red heifer needs to be only 2 years old in order for it to be burnt. At 2 years old it is still a calf and not officially a heifer. They have pushed it to the point that the red heifer born in 2018 is now officially ready if it is deemed fit (no blemishes). The red heifer turned 2 years old on 08/28/2020 (1 day after the end of the mayan calendar in accordance to the Ethiopian Calendar). This may be why they pushed for the age change and why they needed one to be born by 2018. This may be why they needed it to be born by August of 2020, which in the Ethiopian Calendar is the end of the Mayan calendar. Don’t get confused yet.

These Edomite Jews know what these Ethiopian Jews believe and the Ethiopians have claimed for thousands of years that they have the Ark of the Covenant. So then who has a better calendar? Is this red heifer the sacrifice to bring in their new age of Aquarius on 12/21/20 that coincides with the Great Conjunction of Saturn/Jupiter? I think so.


We might now know why they pushed for this genetically modified heifer to be born. Especially in the year of the Head or Corona. This is the final abomination that leads man to his abomination of inoculation. I’ve mentioned before that the red heifer equals 666 in english gemetria.


“After the end of the world is before the end of the world.

2019/2020 = 2012.
2024/2025 = 2017.
2032/2033 = 2025.

It’s said 2012 is the end of the Old World (Order). And 2017 is the start of the New World (Order). Isn’t it interesting that 12/21/2012 was supposed to be the end date of the mayan calendar, and that 12/21/2020 is the date of the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. But isn’t it also interesting that 2017 was the total solar eclipse over the U.S. and that in 2024 there will be another one, which will mark an X over the U.S. (The final judgment?).

Btw. it will be exactly 6 years, 6 months, 6 weeks & 6 days after the first total solar eclipse.”

Convert the dates.


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