Please Read. 3/11

Just a friendly reminder. March 11th 2020 (the 70th day of the year) was the day the CDC (343) declared Coronavirus (snake crown venom covenant) an official pandemic (all demons). Two days later on (March 13th) the U.S. declared an national emergency on Friday the 13th (Knights Templar ritual) a State of Emergency.

Now look at the scriptures in Revelation that corresponds with these dates. Revelation 3:11 tells us “I am coming quickly! Hold fast what you have, that no man may take your crown.”

And verse 13 tells us, “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” These are Jesus’ words. We are in the days of Noah.

The 70 principalities are watching and ready to manipulate the DNA of these earth dwellers. The coronavirus scam is meant to be a DNA grab like I’ve said all along. Testing. And what does Rev. 3:10 tell us? “Because you have kept the word of My perseverance, I also will keep you from the hour of testing which is about to come upon the whole world, to test those that dwell upon the earth.” We obviously know this isn’t referring to a covid test right? Or is it, if we are to take this literally based on the dates this has all happened. It started with the CDC (343) on the 70th day.

Like I’ve mentioned, 70 is represented by not only the 70 watchers over the nation but the 70 Sanhedrin seats. Two days later on the 13th was the 72nd day. This also refers to the fallen and there are 72 demons in the Lesser Keys of Solomon. The fallen manipulated the DNA of the women and this was why the first judgement of God came in the form of water. Fire is the final testing and judgement. All coincidence?

And this letter was written to the church of Philadelphia (the 6th church) or the city of brotherly love. We have seen how the number 6 has men so prominent in this whole thing. Remember the testing company in Philly with the aardvark symbolism? Pangolin.

Aardvark (earth pig) is a ©¤^!d portable testing truck from Conshohocken (big trough ground place) which is 30 minutes from Philadelphia (brotherly love). Looks like a bull right? Well a earth pig is just as bad that’s in the trough of brotherly love. You see it?

It also looks like an Omega symbol behind the “aardvark”. Ω. The last.

Aardvark: the first word in the dictionary.
Omega Ω: the last letter in Greek alphabet.

The first and the last. The aardvark and the omega.

It also looks like a person with their hands in the air.

And the Lakers played Philly (who had the 13 pieces of the broken snake on the floor) when “King James” broke Kobe’s (The Mamba snake) record the night before he died.

I mention verse 10 and a testing/temptation that is coming to the church of Philadelphia. This word is peirasmou (πειρασμο) and is used 3 other times. The base root this word comes from is peran which is “through the idea of piercing” akin to “over, on the other side, beyond”.

Now pera or peran first jumped out at me because of this idea of piercing. A vaccinating pierces. And the idea of on the other side or beyond, makes me think of piercing the veil. If you believe that this vaccination is a life changing event like me, then you can see where I am going with this. This is a test for your DNA that will be “fixed” with the actual virus of nanoparticles and code gene editing materials in the guise of vaccinations. This is the same end game the fallen used in the days of Noah but God spared 8 in the ark. Noah was righteous.

And he was righteous according to God in his generations or can we say genes?

We wonder how these leaders (great and small) can sellout humanity the way they are. I think it is simple. We are seeing the 10 Kings giving up their 10 kingdoms for that specific appointed hour to the little horn aka Antichrist. It makes total sense to me what we are seeing here. These 10 kingdoms are the 2010′ United Nations regions. This is the entire world being deceived, not just one specific area.

Now Jesus also mentions that the door to Him is open. He awaits those through repentance to come to Him. But there is another door open, or should I say gate. Bill Gates is the portal to this technology to put you into the quantum AI world that mixed iron with clay. That will splice your DNA into being a “god”. We know he fails.

Remember when I proposed that Gates died in 2013 and what we are seeing is not actually him? Maybe this whole scenario makes more sense if we knew he was actually one of the fallen. He is the gate to this third incursion of this rebuilt against God.

And ironically, look at 343. March of Ides (the month this started), the mark of Cain (no need to explain), Ars Goetia (Demons of the Lesser Keys of Solomon) and demon of pride (Pandemic – All Demons).

And a Trump reference. CDC is 343.

We also have his famous 777 “prophecy”. 7×7×7=343=(Order Out of Chaos).

“It is within the gematria of GiMeL where we find the secrets of Sefirotic emanation. Consider the sequence of GiMeL as 3-40-30, or properly, 343, without the zeroes. Now, 343 is the Cube upon which the Priestess sits, and it is composed of the emanational lightning flash.”

And as I wrote all this on Sept 16th, the CDC released the new vaccine rollout plan.

The CDC sent out it’s 57 page vaccination plan to all 50 states that they say will hopefully start January 2021. They need $6 billion to jump start the 6.6 million test kits which would support the 660 million doses of the vaccine. Let me remind you the whole “pandemic” is fake and these vaccines are dangerously dangerous to you not only physically but spiritually. AstraZeneca restarted its trials after a man became paralyzed and where 60% of the thousand guinea pigs in another trial had side effects. Not safe at all.

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