The Capstone (Head) of the Pyramid (Body)

This all relates to them harvesting fear and confusion from people for these demonic entities. Trump said they have a few “final steps” left to do.

The capstone of a pyramid is the pyramidion. “The small pyramid which CROWNS or completes an obelisk or pyramid.” It comes from the Latin pyramis. Pyramis comes from Ancient Greek πυραμίς (puramís).

Perhaps from Ancient Greek πῡραμός (pūramós) + -ῐ́ς (-ís), from πῡρός (pūrós, “wheat”) + ἀμάω (amáō, “reap”), or from Egyptian pr-m-ws (“height of a pyramid”), from pr (“(one that) comes forth”) + m (“from”) + ws (“height?”).
Some say Pyramidos means “fire in the middle” or “light/fire measures”. The capstone essentially is sent to be the head to the body (pyramid) that is set for harvest. Reap the wheat. In other words, to kill the saints and on the other side of the coin, to give its false light to these earth dwellers. Saturn’s sickle.

You don’t think these demonic people still harvest “energy” for the capstone to be brought back? The head of Osiris/Nimrod/Hiram is here. The deadly head wound is healed. I hope you can see it.

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