The “Eleventh” Red Heifer

I have written in the past about what I’m going to say here again. Yes, I will beat this dead horse or in this case, cow. mention this in my book and I also mention it here in a more recent article. Jews believe Daniel 12:10 is strictly about the burning of the red heifer. I can both agree and disagree with this. In my first article about this I don’t see this Daniel 11:10 interpretation of this being a red heifer. But I do believe there are always false interpretations that are given by some to deceive others. Let me explain . I want to go over it again, before this event (which I believe) is coming up fast so here is a short primer of my take on future events and then I will get into Daniel 12. And this isn’t about a 11th Red Heifer, but there is a 11 connection to all of this. 11 is the number of chaos and something that rises out of these ashes and remember, this was declared a pandemic by Trump on 3/11.

When I wrote about the red heifer in my book, people weren’t really talking about it. I am probably the first person to come out in public and make a claim that the red heifer is genetically modified and will be the abomination of desolation of Daniel 12. I predicted that the heifer would be burnt before the December 21st Great Conjunction with Saturn/Jupiter. It maybe actually cone to pass. The question is when? It will be 2 years old on August 28th of 2020. It needs to be 3 to be burnt but they are in no way following anything GOD has established.

So I’m predicting it could be burnt anytime between Sept 1st and October 12th. I’ve already told you that the Seal of Solomon ritual of the binding and loosing of the 72 principalities (demonic entities) happens on Tuesday, April 7th of 2020, which is the first day of Passover. I believe that this ritual had something to do with the brass Ark of Torah under the Western Wall in the seat of the Sanhedrin’s synagogue. They did try to have a lamb sacrificed at the same spot of the Sept 27, 2019 70 Nations event but their permit got pulled at the last second. Thank goodness for that.

Now in the near future, if everything falls into place, the red heifer will be burnt on the Mount of Olives somewhere between the dates I mentioned. What makes it the abomination? It is being burnt on or near where Jesus was historically crucified. Most Christians believe it was on the other side of the Temple Mount but it wasn’t. This is why no one is recognizing that this is a really big deal. This is the final stench to burn to heaven. Read Daniel 12:10-12. 1290 days. I say that you need to pay attention when this is burnt and count forward 1290 days. If it is burnt on September 26, it takes you to April 8th, 2024. (I have written about this more on another post as far as these dates go. The Great Eclipse of 2024/5784)


The eclipse that marks the X happens on April 8th, 2024. If it is burnt on October 11th, 2020 it will bring you to April 23rd, 2024.

Another Tuesday that just happens to coincide with another Seal of Solomon ritual where the Moon sits in Virgo. These days are fairly rare. In the next 5 years and last 5 years, 4/7/20 and 4/23/24 are the only days they can release these demonic entities through this particular ritual. In my book I mention the connection to Dybbuks and the ashes of this red heifer. This is what I believe is connected to these 70-72 principalities or demonic entities. And ironically, dybbuks have been the talk of the town at Hermon prison in Israel as of lately.

It is scary, but very real. We are coming into very interesting times and I’ve documented it all in my books. There is more to this red heifer being burnt than most care to know and Christians will suffer persecution according to this red heifer sacrifice. Get ready to be refined by the fire.

(I started writing this before the coronavirus nonsense came into play and seeing what is going on now, it makes this sacrifice that much more crazier. It is a ritual to make waters of purification and I wouldn’t be surprised if this ritual is somehow used with a inoculation. This is how crazy this could get.)

Now about this particular Jewish interpretation. When looking at the Hebrew to English translation, you see that Daniel 12:10 alludes to what appears to be similar to a Red Heifer sacrifice. Many being purified and made white. We know that this is Jesus purifying those of us through the Holy Spirit through the time of testing or what most know as the great tribulation (3 and a half year time span). I just wanted to make the point how the wording is similar to a physical pre-Christ red heifer sacrifice and the final great tribulation.

When going to verse 12 you see the daily being taken away, (which I believe to be the old Babylonian captivity daily Daniel kept – prayer), which is in my opinion the daily prayers kept at the Wailing Wall. The daily is taken away and then the abomination is set up shortly after. I believe once the abomination is set up on the Mount of Olives, and the red heifer burnt to ashes, There will be no more need to keep the daily prayers or in maybe this case, they will be forbidden to do so. But I think this is why the daily is gone.

For those who have never read my book “The Temple, The Abomination and The Holy Place” you need to know why I believe the red heifer is the abomination that Jesus spoke about referring to Daniel. This burnt sacrifice will be a stench in God’s nostrils. It will be burnt near the exact spot Jesus was crucified. This is the abomination I believe, that jesus mentioned.

Now back to verse 12. Scripture says from the point of the abomination we will have 1290 days left. Verse 13 tells us that wait or mae it to 1335 days (45 later) will be blessed. I believe this 45 days is either the judgement of the world or Jesus will return after those days. I won’t be dogmatic on this point.

So we see a strange red heifer wording connection in verse 11 to what I believe is the red heifer abomination in the following verse. Now look at what the Greek OT LXX actually says. Daniel is told to seal up the book and that this is for a future end time. It makes mention of the allusion to a red heifer sacrifice which is referring to being filled with the Spirit and it calls the daily in this case, the “perpetual sacrifice”.

Now we know when these Edomite Jews are at the wall praying, they are in fact Davening. This is spiritual copulation (fornication) with a spirit at this wall called shekinah. This is a their “divine feminine”. I have written in the past about I believe there is a strong connection here with this shekinah and Miriam, the sister of Moses. Now I’m strictly speaking about an occult view here, not the biblical Miriam. Esoteric speaking, the divine feminine is not only represented in their opinion as Miriam, but also as Fatima (Mohammads daughter) and the Catholic virgin Mary. This all represents their divine feminine shekinah.

Now if you look below you will see the Catholic “Mary”. She is also called the mother of perpetual help and this is called the perpetual prayer i.e. their perpetual sacrifice.

Now let’s look at what the Greek Apostolic Polyglot OT says. This says a few things that you wouldn’t catch on the surface but I will break down a few of these words so you can get that picture that is being drawn here.

και απο καιρου παραλλαξεως του ενδελεχισμου και του δοθηναι βδελυγμα ερημωσεως ημεραι χιλιαι διακοσιαι ενενηκοντα (LXX)



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