Trump and October 1st Connections

I don’t have time to add these posts to my blog so it takes me a few days. This begins on October 1st. All of this is on my Twitter page.

October 2nd

So last night was strange after we went to bed. I went get into all of it but my wife told me this morning she had the weirdest dream that scared her. She dreamt that she was trying to get away from something and that she was going door to door of ppl she knew. They were acting strange and sticking what looked like needles in their bodies to get “high”. But it wasn’t like heroin but more like from a vaccination. Keep in mind, my wife hates that I talk about this stuff so it isn’t something she wants to dream about.

Q thinks the vaccine is “the truth”.

October 2nd

Hope Hicks was the “zero patient” to this charade. Hope (“leaping in expectation”) Hicks (“awkward provincial person” and comes from the name Richard which means Hard/Strong Ruler). Dick being related, insinuating the phallic. HH (88). Why does this all bring me of Jared Kushner?

October 1st

So where should I start? 3 years ago on this day was the Route 91 (19) Harvest Festival in Vegas psyop. Tonight just happens to be the first full moon in October that is called a Harvest moon and the Almanac calls it the Hunters moon. Tonight the moon is in Cetus the sea beast.

Cetus is also known as a whale and just so happens to have a Pentagon shaped head. Tonight the Moon is near the tail and Mars, the god of war, is right in front of it. Cetus is known by some as the eighth beast of Rev. 17. So it is interesting this ritual plays out in it.

Now it just so happens that Trump has now tested positive for cv19. Planned yes. Ritual yes. But why? This would hurt him being that he openly has mocked certain things about this “China virus”. So what it the reasoning behind this? Harvest. Full moon. Chaos Magick ritual?

Well evidently the Satanists are out in full force posting strange sayings in a Ahmaric Ethiopian font. You can go on his page and read it for yourself.

Amharic: The writing system is called fidäl (ፊደል) in Ethiopian Semitic languages. Fidäl means “script”, “alphabet”, “letter”, or “character”. The writing system is also called abugida (አቡጊዳ), from the first four symbols; from this the modern term abugida is derived. (Wiki)

Now he is quarantined with Melania and everyone is eating it up. They are even mentioning the Simpson’s episode of him dying in it.

But here is an interesting comment he made 3 days ago. He said that “we’re rounding the corner” with this “China virus”.

So here’s the thing. In China Standards 2035 document, the woman who did the restrain testimony in front of Congress in March made a comment that the CCP will overtake countries by “overtaking the curve”. This analogy was telling people that they will sneakily take over the “political car” on a curve as the car slows down. This is how they will pull ahead.

Ironically, we have been hearing how we need to flatten the curve of Covid.

Speaking of China, “one of the more important holidays in China, sometimes called “Chinese Thanksgiving,” this year also happens to fall on China’s National Day, which commemorates the founding of the People’s Republic”, which is October 1st.

Does this timing of Trumps “positive test” have anything to do with China. Deception, snake and mirrors is key to their game. “the emergence of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is conductive to China’s institutional advantages and to achieving ‘overtaking by curve,’” a reference to sprinting ahead as a competitor slows down or mishandles a turn around a racetrack.” (

You thought I made a off the wall Chinese connection to all of this?

And then this also happened on October 1st that people aren’t aware of. H.R. 8491. Another 91 connection.


Another interesting connection is that as of October 1st there is 91 days left in the year. 91 harvest fest. Covid 19.

Tishrei 13 is the death of the fourth Rebbe of Chabad-Lubavitch, Rabbi Shmuel Schneersohn, known as “Maharash” a Hebrew acronym for “our master Rabbi Shmuel”

And this….Mars and the Moon. War drums are sounding.

October 1st was 33 days until the election. 33. The day before Sukkut. Tabernacles. This is also an interesting connection.

Simulation Energy Harvesting

• Oct 1 2017 10:05 PM

• Las Vegas mass shooting begins

• It last 10 minutes


• Oct 1 2020 9:54 PM

• Trump Announces he has Covid19

• We will know if it is life threatening in 10 days

• Covid has been in America for 10 months

Walter – ruler/brightness of the army
Reed – representing judgement

Interpret that as you may.

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