Trump and the Meteor

This is part of the October Trump post but I couldn’t add it there for some reason.

So I didn’t think much about the meteor in Ohio on September 30th until all of the White House has now claimed they got corona and are quarantined. The meteor was seen at 6:24 am on the morning/day before Trump claimed he tested positive. I doubt he did.

It is interesting that it was seen near Columbiana/Salem and ended near North Benton. It was near Berlin Lake and North of that was Hiram. You have towns near there called Patmos and Damascus. How is that for symbolism? Columbiana is interesting based on the red heifer found in Colombia and the Columbia goddess connection. Salem is interesting based on the witch trial name connection and all of the satanic posts to Trumps page. Hiram is self explanatory. The freemasons messiah. And Berlin Lake with the rise of Communism in this country.

So if you go by the blue arrow according to the meteorology website, it is East of North Benton and actually right near Columbiana. Like I said, the red heifer connection to this with the goddess Columbia and Trump is very interesting. But here is the really interesting thing..

It was seen in the sky at Sunrise going South East to North West in Perseus. What’s the big deal right? Well it was near Perseus demon star called Algol. I made a connection here in my blog to Little Egypt & the 2024 eclipse crossing point in Illinois.

This is why the timing of this meteor has made me rethink why Trump and his associates have now claimed they need to be quarantined. Did something actually come into our atmosphere? Is it connected to Algol? This meteor was very unnatural and we know in scripture that meteors are interchangeable with figs, and stars falling ie meteors are interchangeable with angelic beings. We saw another meteor fall in California on September 6th. Is this why Trump has now went into hiding? I can only speculate lie everyone else.

This was from Sept 30th on West Coast. “Humboldt County, California.”Ray of Beauty” lying on the beach.That’s a meteor just above Jupiter and Saturn, the two brightest and second brightest “stars,” respectively.”

📷 David Wilson


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