Halloween 1982 revisited: The Full Blue Hunters Moon

Scholars believe that Noah went into the Ark on 2517bc on the 17th of the 2nd month. This coincided with our October 31st, Halloween. This is supposedly why they celebrate the dead and call it hallows eve for the following day, “all Saints day”. Find that comfort in Christ Jesus.

This is from a YouTube comment: “From the Exodus out of Egypt, “God” flipped the jewish calendar. The important thing pertaining to the study is November 4, 2020 is the 17th day of the 2nd month [Cheshvan] and the time God’s judgment started with Noah in the Ark. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights – 40 Days from November 4th is December 14, 2020. God gave Noah a 7 day warning to prepare the ark for boarding. “As in the days of Noah” – I think a major event will occur on or very near October 28, 2020 (Ark Day) that will signal it is time to board the Ark. Starting November 04th (which just happens to be the day after the U.S. selection, all heck is breaking loose for 40 days, and more events will occur that will “cause men’s hearts to fail them.”

The elusive Blue Full Moon is supposed to happen every 19 years on a Halloween. Note 19. It happens this year on Halloween and it also happened on the 1st when Trump got “cv”. This 19 year Halloween full moon didn’t actually happen the last 3 times (63, 82 & 01). E.T. had one.

Even though the movie still advertised its full moon (Blue also) on the 31st but in 1982 (the year the movie released) it was on November 1st, all Saints day. I wonder if the year God shut the ark on Noah, it was a full moon? Remember, this is why 10/31 is considered “hallow”. It is not Holy in any sense of the word.

Another 1982 Halloween movie like E.T. They both mention a full moon and Halloween III ‘Season of the Witch’ starts off with the mention of the 19 year full moon cycle and Stonehenge cross beam missing.

In 1982, Halloween was on a Sunday and the full moon on November 1st. But that year kids vertebrates Halloween on Saturday due to candy tampering.

This year Halloween is on a Saturday fire to it being a leap year. HIII has AI bots ala Westworld, killing people by ripping their heads off. The masks have AI chips that kill kids. The Silver Shamrock masks are made in a fictitious town called Santa Mira (wonder/ocean) that was also where Invasion of the Body Snatchers took place. Santa Mira has a 6pm curfew.

This is the first time “masks” will be worn by the world on Halloween. And the poster for the movie, just happens to be in Phoenix. The Phoenix rising from the ashes. Strange days…

This looks a little like Trump when he gets zapped by AI and Stonehenge and gets connected. His Regeneron treatment.

Honestly, someone should remake this movie. And look at Mr. 33, he looks like a full blue moon.

“Kids all over America want Silver Shamrock masks for Halloween. Doctor Daniel Challis seeks to uncover a plot by Silver Shamrock(19/19) owner Conal Cochran (33).”

“Irish-American businessman Conal Cochran runs Silver Shamrock Novelties, renowned for their Halloween masks. Unfortunately, their masks have one serious defect; when you watch the company’s insanely annoying TV commercial with the mask on a microchip on the back made with shards from one of the stolen monoliths from Stonehenge makes you collapse and die while crickets and cockroaches and rattlesnakes pour out of your mouth. Rather than issuing a product recall, Cochran plans to synchronize a nation-wide sacrifice of little kids on Halloween night to help usher in a new golden age of witchcraft because he’s actually an ancient Celtic warlock. Oh yeah, and in order to help him achieve these goals, he’s enlisted an army of smart-dressed killer robots in suits who vomit tapioca pudding when you kill them.” (https://decider.com/2017/10/27/halloween-iii-season-of-the-witch-review/amp/)

And then on All Saints day on November 1st, this happens. And let me add, this day reminds me of the word PanDemic, All Demons. John Carpenter’s 1988 movie “They Live” turns 32 (think degree) this year on November 1st. JC (I know right…lol) says this movie was a documentary and relevant in the Trump era. Interesting…

The full blue moon on the 31st is called the hunter moon. The Artemis Accords were signed a few days ago. Artemis is the hunter and twin sister of Apollo. Who thinks Hunter Biden may “overdose” on Halloween?


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