IGIGI: the watchers

igigi (19191) are watchers. The fallen are IGIGI (19191). Every 19 years you get this blue hunters full moon on October 31st or November 1st. The last 19 years we have 9/11. 19 years later we had 3/11. The Arch of Triumph debuted on April 19th. This was a 3D portal.

On the 17th day of the 2nd month in Noah’s day (17th of Chesvan), Noah was told to go into the Ark and God sealed the door shut. This was the beginning of the end that will eventually come full circle with Jesus saying that the end times before He returns, will be as the days of Noah. The Windows of heaven were opened the ground burst open and destroyed creation, except for 8 people.

This day would be equivalent to our October 31st, Halloween. All hallows (holy) eve is the night before all saints day (those “saints who are celebrated in death on November 1st). This was far from being a Holy day and what this celebrates is those dead nephilim giant spirits coming back from their dead bodies under the waters.

Update: October 31st. Halloween. Google put this up as their Google Doodle. “Coincidence” I’m sure…

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