Operation Warp Speed on 60 Minutes

Operation Warp Speed on 60 Minutes. On November 8th, 2020 (6,999 days from September 11th, 2001, 60 Minutes ran a 13 minute segment of Operation Warp Speed. A $12 Billion dollar vaccine that will be distributed for free that was paid for by the tax payers that will work with a program called Tiberius. Tiberius will track just about everything with this vaccine. Will it track the vaccine ounce it is released inside the body?

First segment: https://youtu.be/240DMmhgp4M

Overtime segment: https://youtu.be/Kh7C8LxYjv8

Before I get into Tiberius I want to mention a few things. The first thing I want to mention is the temperature that these vaccines needs to be stored at.

The man in the video is a West Point grad who either mispoke or wasn’t making himself clear. He claimed -80° celsius was the temperature and that equivalent to 94° below zero. Not true. It is actually -112°. Does it matter?

The 6 cv vaccinations need to be transported and kept at -94 degrees below zero. Why? Normal vaccinations are stored at around 40°. Now read the third screenshot about Quantum computing. QC is at -460°. Molecules can’t move around freely and that means less energy is expelled.

What is in this vaccine that it needs to be kept as the coldest vaccination on record?

The 60 Minutes segment on OWS was to condition the public on what is actually taking place here. It was aired on Sunday November 8th. It focused on the Pfizer vaccine for some reason and now we now the reasoning why.

The very next day, Pfizer came out and mentioned that there vaccine was 90% effective signaling that it was just about ready.

This is how propaganda works. Ivanka and Don both came out with the news and were elated. This press release with Pfizer was on Monday November 9th, 2020. That just so happened to be on the 7,000 day from September 11th, 2001. This was all pre-planned to happen like this. And on 60 Minutes, They showed the signage in front of Pfizer.

It just happens to be on 7000 Portage Road. Portage means to carry or transport, especially carrying a boat overland between two waterways. They are transporting an “alien” virus to your body through a vaccine. You are the portage in the sense of a boat.

This is our new 9/11. I mean, The whole thing has been the new 911 but this is their D-Day. Perna called the distribution of this vaccine D-Day, which happened to be the largest seaborne invasion in history. Another water reference. So it looks like this is our D-Day, an invasion of a foreign vaccination virus in our bodies.

The company making the vaccine and storing it is called Emergent. The frown goes over ERGE. Urge means urgent or pressing. Erge in Dutch means awful or evil and comes from argaz – to copulate. Think about that. MERGE


Now the computer program Tiberius (I’m assuming it is AI) has a crazy connection to this. Tiberius is in Israel on the Sea of Galilee and was built by Herod Antipas. Tiberius is where the Sanhedrin was relocated and about 15 years ago this is where they reformed. Tiberias was also where the Mishna was finished and Maimonides was buried. It is a known spiritual site for Kabbalists.

The city of Tiberias was named after the Emperer Tiberius, who ruled at the time of Jesus. “Emperor Tiberius asked the Senate to legalize the Christian faith and declare Christ a Roman god. But the Senate refused. Instead, it pronounced Christianity to be an “illegal superstition,” a crime under Roman law.” He was the step son of Augustus. So it is interesting that we see the program behind this vaccine in called that.

Now this “application” used for the vaccine distribution by the military will also get US Marshals involved. Why the need fot all the policing just for a vaccine? Because it’s not “just” a vaccine. And those that think it won’t be mandatory…think again.


Give out six of these vaccines in the United States is a two does vaccine and the second dose of the vaccine is very important to them. It is so important that the military will be used to have it distributed according to Gustave “Gus” Perna, a four star general. Perna has declared himself as a B student but in the interview, he comes off more like a Gomer Pyle character. This is our new nightmare to get back to “normal”, so get ready.




“Another of Palantir’s services, called HHS Protect, is also currently being used by the HHS Department to track COVID-19 hospitalizations. The department’s spokeswoman said Tiberius is built on the same software as HHS Protect. The HHS spokeswoman also said the project was named after Captain Kirk from “Star Trek,” whose middle name is Tiberius.”


So this same computer program was also used with tracking cv hospitalizations through Palantir. And Captain Kirk’s middle name? Remember, “Kirk’s” death mask was used in Halloween by Michael Meyers.

“That Michael Myers mask in Halloween was actually a William Shatner death mask originally used in the 1975 horror film The Devil’s Rain. They painted it white & cut the eye holes to make it easier for the original “Michael Myers”, Nick Castle, to see better.”

There seems to be some infatuation they have with Star Trek and Operation Warp Speed and the Space Force.

These are all directly connected to Star Trek for some odd reason.

So why do they really call it Operation Warp Speed and need to rush those vaccination? Answer: Revelation 12:12 gives us a hint. “Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” This is the chronosvirus, TIME is of the essence.

I’ve said Lipid Nanoparticulates are in these mRNA vaccines for how long now? This will compliment and work hand in glove with the nanoparticles that are already in your body. So essentially this could edit (ala CRISPR-9) your DNA if programmed to. Yep. This will go good with the sterilizing gene inside the adenovirus from monkey 💩 viris. What a concoction of death they have made. But Q Trumps still think it’s part of the plan to get a placebo vaccine of water and sugar to the people.

Everytime I hear the Qrumps talk about the “plan” and the “placebo” vaccine, I can’t help but think about the “sugar water” they drank in Jonestown.


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