Moderna means modern (to modernize) to measure. But there is more to it. Look where this word modern originates from. Modern- “now existing;” 1580s, “of or pertaining to present or recent times;” from Middle French moderne (15c.) Latin modernus “modern” (Priscian, Cassiodorus), from Latin modo “just now, in a (certain) manner,” from modo (adv.) “to the measure,” ablative of modus “manner, measure” (from PIE root *med- “take appropriate measures”).


The “measuring” reminded me of Revelation 11:1. And maybe Moderna is Mode RNA. From Old French mode (masculine), from Latin modus (measure, due measure, rhythm, melody). Mode ” is derived from Latin modus, meaning ” due or proper measure. ”

” מוד ” נגזרת מלטינית, מודוס, ” מידה

מתאימה או נכונה “.

Someone Googled “moderna word in kjv meaning” and so I decided to also. Look what popped up. Diadem or crown. Seriously?

As the American drug company Moderna announced Monday that it had developed a COVID-19 vaccine that is 94.5% effective, Israeli scientist Tal Zaks was among the company leaders touting the good news to the media.

That’s because Zaks, who earned a doctorate at Ben-Gurion University in Beersheba, is the chief medical officer at Moderna and has been involved in overseeing its unprecedentedly rapid push for a coronavirus vaccine.

Moderna’s vaccine will likely not be ready for mass distribution until the spring, but reports claim that it can survive in less extreme temperatures than the one by Pfizer, which requires special refrigeration. The Pfizer vaccine claimed recently to be 90% effective.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is from a Jewish family in Thessaloniki, Greece, and its head scientist, Mikael Dolsten, is from a Jewish family in Sweden. LINK

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