The Pandemic Spike Virus

Dr. Kayvon Modjarrad from Walter Reed talks about the “platform” for this cv vaccine. This means what way do they attack the “spikes” or the “corona” of the c-virus. He says nanoparticles ✔, DNA ✔or mRNA ✔. Now if there was no virus that actually exists like the CDC claims, what are they attacking? Exosomes or just cells in the body? It seems that this is how this virus vaccination will attach itself to the biology of the body. Notice he says at the beginning how the trials actually work. Mice, monkeys then humans. They passed over the monkeys.

Full video:

16 minute mark is my reference point but he states this again at the end of the video. Remember, This was on March 5th. 8 days before the “Pandemic”.

Why do they always use the term “spike” for their rise in cases? Notice they attack the “spike” of the virus. Spikes. What symbolically has spikes? Satan. And what is a spike? A large nail or THORN. Spike is also taken from the Latin spica (ear of grain). In 1923, slang for a spike was a NEEDLE.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Virgo holds the spica in her left hand. Jesus was nailed to the tree and had a CROWN of THORNS in his head. This term SPIKE wasn’t used on accident.

Let me also.point out that General Michael J. Talley actually referred to the movie Outbreak and how this virus wasn’t at a stage 4 incident like the movie. They downplayed this whole thing in March but were already working on a vaccine for it.

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