Dark Winter: December 1st

No one realizes that the Dark Winter exercise started on a December 1st? And today is December 1st. #DarkWinter

Dark Winter exercise took place on June 22-23, 2001. The scenario began in Oklahoma City, one day before the Summer Solstice. It was 82 days from 9/11/01 and 2,257 days or 6 years from the last major terrorist attack in Oklahoma City. The fictitious President was Nunn. Nun is a snake in Egyptian hieroglyphs and a great fish or whale in Hebrew. Nun was also another name for Nimrod. The arabic word for nun is one dot over a smile. Isis spray painted houses with this symbol so they would know they were Christians.

This scenario/excercise had “hospitals overwhelmed, mothers begging for vaccines, violent outbreaks at vaccine centers, borders closed, closed schools, colleges, sporting events and social gatherings. Closed businesses during holidays. Food shortages and restaurants closed.” Find familiar? It ended with Martial Law…

The scenario started on or around December 1st. These were called attacks.

Most think Joe Biden was the first to use the phrase Dark Winter this year. He wasn’t. Biden was quoting former BARDA director Dr. Rick Bright, who testified before Congress on May 14, 2020.


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