A Few Thoughts on Vaccine/Testing Viruses

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Remember, there is no live virus of SARS-COV-2 in this inoculation. It is Adenovirus. Why? The actual virus isn’t coronavirus but Adenovirus. The military is given two vaccinations of Adenovirus when entering the military but civilians don’t get any vaccinations or are ever tested. Why?

When they made a SARS-COV-2 around 15 years ago guess how many animals it killed for phase 1 testing? It takes 5-10 years at least, for beginning to ending testing of a vaccine. Trumps vac. took 6 months. Not really but that’s what they claim. This particular adenovirus from monkey 💩 that has lipid nanoparticulates in it to modify DNA has been ongoing for at least 10 years. They were waiting for technology to finally catch up to it, and it did in 2020. Welcome the symbolic Chronosvirus. The head wound is healed.

BBB is 222 is 6.
Build(ing) Back Better (BBB)
Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)
What are the BUILDERS wanting to build back better? The Temple ie the body through testing and vaccinations. Transhumanism of Genesis 6. The 6 pointed hexagram “theragrippers” are nano sized drug deliveries. Theragrippers are inspired by hookworms which are parasites. The word parasite comes from the Greek word meaning “a person who eats at another’s table”. Do you see the picture here?

I get tired of repeating myself so I will let someone else say it. There are infact Lipid Nanoparticles in these vaccines and they are used to transfer “materials”. This comes from ACS Worldwide: “NANOTECHNOLOGY! 1 nano meter = 10-9 meters, or better explained it is 1 billionth of a meter. They use biological molecules such as deoxyribonucleic acid aka synthetic DNA in fabrication and construction of nanostructures and devices. They assemble metals or semiconducting particles to construct metallic nanowires and functionalized nanotubes with in the blood stream of people. It is this technology they have added into the vaccines. These things are alive and self functioning robotic beings (total demonic). Why would you add something so crazy into your own body and become a living robot? It is called transhumanism and it is against the will of God!”

Not many have actually figured out that this whole “testing” thing is a DNA grab for cloning. For who? The fallen. For what? Your artificial self.






After 8 months it was clear, whatever angle you take, that there is no deadly biological virus. The numbers were made up and exaggerated and surveillance became the reason. You are getting vaccinated for what reason? Physical control and surveillance, if you’re lucky. This is DNA harvesting that complies with the census. The PCR test being used is being used fraudulently. The lockdown and shutdowns of everything except for government run big box stores is sucking the life out of all small businesses. It is a compete government takeover of life.

Anything over a 20 CT rate for the PCR test will produce the same characteristics of “chronosvirus” that are identical to exosomes. By the way, exosomes cam be produced in your body due to stress and fear. This PCR is the only way to control you through fear and propaganda.That’s all.

Why does no one ever talk about what this PCR test was created to actually do. We only hear about this fraudulent test being used to shut down entire countries. It is much more sinister than you can imagine. It was invented by Kerry Mullis to extract DNA for cloning. Anything below 15 CT is to extract DNA. The high CT is the smoke&mirrors and anyone at this point who is asymptomatic (no symptoms..none..zilch) can test positive. In reality, you only need a liar with a pen to mark you positive, you don’t need any test.

The movie Jurassic Park was based off of this particular PCR Test to clone dinosaurs. You are being harvested for your DNA. Why? Ask Genesis 6. They are controlling people like Fauci, Trump, Gates, Redfield and so on.

The “vaccine passport/ID” is global. It isn’t only for one particular area. You will need this in order to do anything. Wanna fly across the country or overseas? Want to be able to work? Want to go to a game or concert? What about going out to eat or grocery shopping? Do you want your retirement, social security or your 401k? Do you want to collect government assistance, welfare checks or unemployment? What about go to the hospital for something that you are dying from? Yep. You will need it to do any of those things.

And if you thought you’d be able to hack yourself a nice little “I vaccined today” card then think again. This vaccine ID/passport will be on Blockchain. You are going to need to go deep into the dark web to get your QR Code ID for a nice price and from someone who knows what they are doing. And guess where every QR Code you swipe now goes to? Blockchain, your artificial dating site to the beast.

You think I’m joking about any of this?

And all you need is to alter and modify the biology of your body through the new vaccinated virus that has been out for at least 10 years, that was just waiting for quantum technology to catch up to it and for Elon to put his hive mind grid in our friendly skies.

Trump supporters super excited about Trump’s Operation Abomination. I hate to say I told you so…4 years ago. Trump is a typology of Herod not Cyrus. And how did Herod the Antipater (meaning anti-father) treat the TRUE prophets of God? He cut their heads off. I just want you to know that Robert F. Kennedy Jr has now come out and said the truth about this vaccination. I have been saying this since they started reading the medical white papers.

Read this: https://principia-scientific.com/robert-f-kennedy-jr-covid19-vaccine-should-be-avoided-at-all-cost/

Let’s not forget…Trump is Herod. What will be his next move.



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