Covid Inoculation ID and “Passport”

This vaccine identification was bound to happen. I’ve already mentioned it will shut down just about every faucet of life if you don’t get. And the fact of the matter is, that it will put you artificially on Blockchain. This will be part of your artificial self.

The “vaccine passport/ID” is global. It isn’t only for one particular area. You will need this in order to do anything. Wanna fly across the country or overseas? Want to be able to work? Want to go to a game or concert? What about going out to eat or grocery shopping? Do you want your retirement, social security or your 401k? Do you want to collect government assistance, welfare checks or unemployment? What about go to the hospital for something that you are dying from? Yep. You will need it to do any of those things.

And if you thought you’d be able to hack yourself a nice little “I vaccined today” card then think again. This vaccine ID/passport will be on Blockchain. You are going to need to go deep into the dark web to get your QR Code ID for a nice price and from someone who knows what they are doing. And guess where every QR Code you swipe now goes to? Blockchain, your artificial dating site to the beast.

You think I’m joking about any of this?

And all you need is to alter and modify the biology of your body through the new vaccinated virus that has been out for at least 10 years, that was just waiting for quantum technology to catch up to it and for Elon to put his hive mind grid in our friendly skies.

Last week Operation Warp Speed released a video where actually showed the ID Card they will be issuing. Of you think you can get one of these on the black market, well I’m sure you could. But the ID will be a little more complicating than that. The physical cards may work in your area but beyond that, good luck. Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence security.

The woman wants you to believe that the physical card is the only thing you’ll need but it isn’t. Now you have an AI program called Tiberius tracking everything from distribution to the injection and IBM running the “security” of it. Welcome to the Thunderdome.

More paper work from the video.

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