Parallels: Heavens Gate, Erasmus, Star Trek and Now

Heavens Gate: The Cult of Cults was released recently. I find it funny tray they call it the “Cult of Cults”, especially when we are living in a long drawn out Twilight Zone/Black Mirror episode that is brought to us by the literal CULT OF CULTS aka the Luciferian elites.

A few interesting parallels with what is going on now and the release of this documentary. I noticed that their garb looks a little like Klaus’ KTU black Trekky getup. Both are creepy.

Then they committed suicide because of a comet and we have a comet that will best be seen before Sunrise in Hydra (the giant serpent) next to Venus. Hale-Bopp then and Erasmus (beloved) now. Hale-Bopp is believed by scholars to be the harbinger to kick off Noah’s Flood. We are obviously in a Days of Noah scenario.

Star Trek was a big thing for these people and Tiberius (Captain Kirk’s middle name) is the AI program tracking the cv vaccine that is to be released by December 14th. Erasmus comet will be seen best on December 16th.

And finally…why does Marshall Applewhite look eerily like Fauci?

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