Adenovirus: the real virus behind the chronosvirus

Pay very close attention here. I’ve said that Adenovirus is the actual strain of influenza that was used the past few years to break down peoples immune systems and that this particular influenza is what has actually killed people. It is not from the coronavirus. I got it 3 years ago and it was brutal. My wife got it and I thought sure was going to die. This particular strain of Adenovirus is no joke, this is why those joining the military are given 2 doses of this vaccine. Two. Did you catch that? Currently, there is no adenovirus vaccine available to the general public, but a vaccine is available for the United States military for Types 4 and 7. These vaccinations were never available to the public…until now, if this cv vac is actually an adenovirus vac. And the majority of doctors don’t even test or have the capability to test for Adenovirus (

It was called the “unseen enemy” by the military in 2011 and 9 years later we saw Trump’s “invisible enemy”. This vaccine had been away since 1999 and 12 years later they decided to bring it back and make it better. Why? And get this, it actually can be found on a rtPCR test unlike coronavirus.

Now these cv vaccines are from modified chimpanzee adenovirus. It actually comes from their poop. No joke…look it up or go to my blog where I talked about this a few months ago. AstraZeneca-University of OXford vaccine was the first vaccine for cv announced on May 21st, 6 days after Operation Warp Speed was announced by Trump in the Rose Garden on May 15th. They received 1.2 billion for their AZD1222 (7) vaccine otherwise known as ChAdOx1 nCoV-19. This is the same vaccine that killed a 28 year old doctor during the Brazilian vaccine trial who was said to be in good health according to his family.

So the adenovirus gets it name from the initial isolation from human adenoids in 1953. What and where is the adenoid? The adenoid is a mass of lymphatic tissue. It is found directly behind the nose through the nasal cavity. Right about where they do the nasal swabs for the PCR tests located at the nasopharyngeal. Coincidence?

The adenoid can swell up the size of a ping pong ball and this is why they get the word aden from a acorn. It is referring to its shape. When it is enlarged, it can stop you breathing through your nose.

Now what could happen if this adenoid became irritated? “An enlarged adenoid, or adenoid hypertrophy, can become nearly the size of a ping pong ball and completely block airflow through the nasal passages. Even if the enlarged adenoid is not substantial enough to physically block the back of the nose, it can obstruct airflow enough so that breathing through the nose requires an uncomfortable amount of work, and inhalation occurs instead through an open mouth. The enlarged adenoid would also obstruct the nasal airway enough to affect the voice without actually stopping nasal airflow altogether.” Now imagine having a hard time breathing through your nose because of this and then having to wear a mask that restricts your breathing through your mouth.

Now back to adenovirus. “They have a broad range of vertebrate hosts; in humans, more than 50 distinct adenoviral serotypes have been found to cause a wide range of illnesses, from mild respiratory infections in young children (known as the common cold) to life-threatening multi-organ disease in people with a weakened immune system.” The thing with using this live adenovirus in a vaccination, it has been used for delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing systems. Gene DNA modification. (

“Adenovirus has received tremendous attention as an effective gene delivery vector and was in fact the first DNA virus to enter rigorous therapeutic development, largely because of its well-defined biology, its genetic stability, its high gene transduction efficiency and its ease of large-scale production” (From the link above). “Modified (recombinant) adenovirus vectors, including replication incompetent types, can deliver DNA coding for specific antigens. Recombinant adenovirus type-5 (Ad5) and adenovirus type-26 (Ad26) are being used as vectors in candidate COVID-19 vaccines.”

“Possible issues with using Adenovirus as vaccine vectors include: the human body develops immunity to the vector itself, making subsequent booster shots difficult or impossible.” Ironically, people have pre-existing immunity to Adenoviruses, making vector delivery ineffective.

Adenovirus has double stranded DNA and is a 6 sided hexagon with a triangle inside it.

We may have seen a well oiled machine here with this “chronosvirus” and how this actual vaccine may have came about years ago with the adenovirus. Then it looks like they have tested it on the military first and perfected the mRNA delivery through this adeno vector virus vaccine using CRISPER/CAS-9. Once again, another reason why you should avoid this gene editing virus vax like the plague.

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