December 14th and December 21st: What’s in a Date?

December 14th
*Historical end of the 40 day flood of Noah according to the LXX.
*The peak of the King’s Tide on the West Coast at 6.99ft (666 inversion).
*Operation Warp Speed rolling out the vaccines by this day.
*4th day of Hanukkah – Festival of Lights – the time when Mary conceived through the Holy Spirit.
*Solar Eclipse in Chilé.

*7 days before the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year and the great conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter.
*Pandemic declared on 3/11/20 by WHO. If a woman conceived on that day, the birth would be 12/14/20.
*Electoral College votes for the Presidency.
*In 2012, the Sandy Hook false flag happened.
*In 1972 the Apollo program: Eugene Cernan is the last person to walk on the moon.
*Israel’s Knesset ratifies the Golan Heights Law, extending Israeli law to the occupied Golan Heights in 1981.
*In 557 – Constantinople is severely damaged by an earthquake.
349th day of the year and 17 days left.
And finally, it is Monkey Day. Like covid vaccination full of monkey crap day.

The Kings Tide. The term king tide is generally used to describe the highest tides of the year that happen once or twice a year. This year at Pismo Beach (west coast), the first Kings Tide started on November 14th, 2020. This was 10 days after the historical start date of Noah’s flood. The next one is 12/13-12/15. The peak just happens to be on December 14th and is 6.99 feet. 6.99 is an inverted 666. This is the day the flood waters stopped after 40 days of raining and flooding that began on November 4th (Hebrew Masoretic Text) and were 15.5 feet over the tallest mountain peak.

I find it funny they call this the King’s Tide, because the ultimate King’s Tide was God destroying the earth with water and saving 8 people. Ironically on December 14th of this year we have the cv vaccinations being rolled out and the Electoral College finalizing the Presidency. The beginning of a spiritual flood. A lot of other things happened on this historical date.

Now I mention the first date of this Kings Tide starting on November 14th. This happens to be the beginning date of the flood of Noah according to the LXX (Greek) and it would end on December 24th of 2020.

Historical dates for the flood.
Masoretic Hebrew
Begins: November 4th
Ends: December 14th

LXX Greek Septuagint
Begins: November 14th
Ends: December 24th

Genesis 7:11 In the six hundredth year of the life of Noe, in the second month, on the twenty-seventh day of the month, on this day all the fountains of the abyss were broken up, and the flood-gates of heaven were opened. (LXX)

So there is a 10 day discrepancy between the Greek Septuagint and the Hebrew Masoretic text for Genesis 7:11. Did the rain and floods start today or 10 days ago on 11/4/20? Both are very significant. November 14th is the Hindu festival of lights or Diwali. “Light over darkness”. False light.

If Genesis 7:11 was historically November 4th, the 40 days of judgement end on December 14th, 2020.
If Genesis 7:11 was historically November 14th, the 40 days of judgement end on December 24th, 2020.

Either way, it is very significant and prophetic to what we are seeing today. As in the days of Noah….

I’ve had other things on my mind and I totally forgot about the eclipse on Monday December 14th. We have: The vaccine being rolled out. The electoral College picking the leader of the free world. The end of the 40 days of the historical flood of Noah. And of all places, this eclipse is in Ophiuchus. The restrainer restraining the snake.

I want to also mention that the Saturn-Jupiter start to “come together” at this point. On December 14th, it is 0.7° from each other.

And…a new moon. This would be a Sabbath.

December 21st
*Shortest day of the year.
*Winter Solstice
*Yule day celebrating Odin
*The great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at 0.1°
*Lockdowns across the US until December 21st
*American-Canadian border closed until the 21st
*March 11th conception brings a birth at a full term (285 days) on December 21st.
*The Mayan calendar ended on August 28, 2020 according to the Ethiopian calendar. This is 3 months and 23 days from December 21. 323 (CDC).

The birth of their new age of Aquarius. ♒ <~~can you see it. MEM (chaos and water – beast of the sea), MEM (AI millimeter frequencies) and MEM (AQUARIUS). Aquarius is the water bearer and holds a pot similar to a waters of purification (ashes of red heifer). 1,185 days from the false sign of September 23, 2017 (birthing of AI) – December 21, 2020 (Saturn-Jupiter conjunction) or 3.2 years.

“March 11, 2020 = Covid-19 was declared by the WHO as a pandemic.

From March 11, 2020 to December 21, 2020, it’s 285 days…

Duration of pregnancy:
“There are, as a rule, 266 to 270 days between ovulation and childbirth, with extremes of 250 and 285 days.”

Source: Britannica

It seems that on the day of the great conjunction the New World (Order) will be born, or the New Age will be introduced.”

Look at the lipid nanoparticles symbol they used for the cv vaccines. ♒ Aquarius. Mem. Water. Chaos. AI frequencies.

I’ll add this date also…The date the vaccine rolled out in the UK.

December 8th, was the day the covid vaccine was rolled out in the UK. So what happened historically on this day?

The Roman Catholic “Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception celebrates the belief in the sinless lifespan and Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, celebrated on December 8”. The CONCEPTION date according to the RCC, which I actually agree with the timing of this, but no so much the sinless life business.

Today is also the anniversary of the first covid patient in Wuhan (

So they rolled out this blasphemous vaccine on the anniversary of the “first patient” which I guess you could call it the conception of the “pandemic”. Perfect timing. And on the 8th day brings it to the 16th of December. The flood is coming…..

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