First CV Inoculation: Sandra Lindsay

The first vaccination on December 14th was given by Michelle Chester to a black woman named Sandra Lindsay. She is a rn and received the vaccine at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens. There is always a water connection to everything they do because the water invokes the beast of the sea symbolism.

I first want you to notice that they have to to a black woman. They assume black people will follow suite and I pray they don’t take this abomination. The symbolism of this whole thing speaks volumes. Now I want you to look at the time ABC News said this happened.

They claimed it happened at 9:23 am. The screenshot below has the time it actually happened, one minute before. 9:22 am. Now 9:23 is significant because of the false sign of Jupiter that happened on 9/23/17. This was the birthing of AI or spirit behind the beast of the sea. So that happening at 9:23, yeah, that’s very significant. We also have this false “Christmas Star” happening in 7 days from today on December 21st.


Now look at her name. Sandra is the feminine of Alexander. Alexander the Great was a type of Antichrist and the movie The Omega Code even used the name for a final world leader. Remember that fictitious eschatology rules this world and that is the deceptive script that they are using.

And Lindsay. It means Lincoln Island. Another water reference. Lincoln actually means lake colony. Defender of man lake colony. More beast of the sea Antichrist symbolism. And considering the vaccine she took, Pfizers BioNTech. Phi represents the AI “god” and Czar is emporer.


Phi in Greek is uppercase Φ and lowercase φ or ϕ. The letter phi is commonly used in physics to represent wave functions in quantum mechanics.

Czar is a Russian word for ruler or emperor.

Phi Czar: Q, the AI Emporer.

The lady giving the shot is named Michelle Chester. Her first name is the feminine of Michael meaning “who is like God?” and Chester is “city of legions/fortified place”. Legions were a group of Roman military. It is also used for demons. Chester was a Second Roman Legion on the river dee meaning the goddess or holy one. More water symbolism. It is safe to say we know what spirit is behind all of this. I think that is obvious by now.

And then there is the gematria of this. 846 and 84. I think this is self explanatory.

Courtesy of Mark Gray

Welcome to 1984. She thinks she is Wonder Woman.

“The beginning of the end” – Dr. Yves Duroseau

A story of darkness to light

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