12/21/2020: The Great Chronocrator Mutation Cleaving Conjunction

When I previously use the term a “marker in time”, I had never heard of “The Great Chronocrator”. This is an astrological new age term evidently. It literally means “Markers in Time” to them. This is their sort of “event horizon”. They use their astrological wheel to even claim this conjunction happens in Aquarius and not Capricornus. This is the difference between astrology and astronomy. This whole thing is much dangerous than people know. The Great Chronocrator happens because of the Chronosvirus. Do you get it?

The new age astrologers also call this 1° separation Saturn-Jupiter cycle the Great Mutation. This happens every 40th cycle (Judgement) or 800 years. It happens in 2020. Ironically it seems like perfect timing with the vaccination-virus mutation that they are giving people. And today of all days (December 20th, 2021), the day before the Great Mutation, all the news media has come out how the Chronosvirus is mutating as we speak. They are setting the world up for the virus vaccination to make people sick and kill them so that they can blame it all on this “mutation”.

And in Hebrew, this is the HaDibbuq HaGadol or the Great Cleaving. The dybbuk is a cleaving demonic spirit that allegedly is contained in a wine box…The old “wine”. The “wine” goes on the wine skin as the dybbuk cleaves to the body. This is my prediction. The earth dwellers will become more brazen with the wicked things they do and say. If there is a physical single man of sin talking the title Antichrist, this is the time of him coming to the forefront. It is the ancient Babylonian/Egyptian mythos of Nimrod/Tammuz and Osiris/Horus being played out in the stars ie the signs in the heavens. Two becoming one.

This is the time of the Judas Goat to hit the scene. Or it may be a group of Antichrists rising up to form the image of the beast and they are finally getting the head with the crown attached to its body. Either way, persecution is coming.


The image above comes from the old 1937 Yiddish film, The Dybbuk. Notice the candles of the menorah all lit and how the final candle is centered perfectly inside the capstone of the pyramid or their “divine masculine triangle”? Perfect symbolism with everything going on.

I thought I’d also add some interesting gematria of what someone had found for December 21st, 2020. 666. And the date itself is something I never mentioned. 12212020. 10. 10 kingdoms giving themselves over to the beast? What’s the big deal right? But that’s not what I’m talking about. 12/21/2020. 3/3/4. 33 (6) and 4. In witchcraft, when closing a magick circle during a ritual or invocation, the 33 and 4 does it.

And finally the Google Doodle for this “special day”. Saturn moves at a snails pace but for some reason they have Saturn flying on by, giving up his ring to Jupiter. And notice the red spot on Jupiter, it actually looks like an eye. And similar to the eye of Horus at that.


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