Abraham Accords Coin

In September I wrote a little about the Abraham Accord coin that was being sold by the Temple Institute. I could remember a little bit of what I said so I put it in a meme.

I do remember that I wrote about the handle of this sword of peace, so I’ll try to go through it again. But let me post from the coins website first.

“The front of the medal is adorned with the Israeli and UAE flags, flying over an intricate silhouette of the holy city of Jerusalem, Israel’s eternal capital, and Abu Dhabi skylines, which merge together in symbolic unity.

Immediately below the skyline are the words “Abraham Accord” inscribed in Arabic, Hebrew, and English. Abraham was the father of monotheism. The familiar Bible character is referred to as ‘Abraham’ in the Christian faith, ‘Ibrahim’ in the Muslim faith, and ‘Avraham’ in the Jewish faith, and no person better symbolizes the potential for unity among all these three great faiths. An eagle holding an olive branch and arrows, the Seal of the President of the United States, completes the front design.

Inspired by the words of the prophet Isaiah, “And they shall beat their swords into ploughshares” (Isaiah 2:4), the back of the medal features a sword that gradually morphs into symbols of peace, prosperity, agricultural and technological advancement.

The commemorative coin also features quotes from the Koran – “And if one inclines towards peace, it inclines towards you” – and the Prophet Jeremiah – “For I will give you lasting peace in this place” – encapsulate the central teachings of the faiths of Abraham; Judaism, Christianity and Islam, that one has a moral duty to seek out and embrace peace.

The signature of Donald John Trump, without whose tireless efforts the “Abraham Accord” would not have been possible, rounds off the rear design. The President has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his determination and tenacity in making this historical and religiously significant accord become a reality.

In addition to peace between former enemies, the region and indeed the world will benefit from economic prosperity. There is a younger generation in the region that deserves better, safer and more prosperous lives. Immediately following the normalization Israeli and Emerati companies signed agreements to work together for a cure for Covid 19, as well as cooperation in the fields of health, infrastructure, science, agriculture and energy.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “Peace is a good thing and peace unites moderates, two of the most advanced economies in the world – Israel and the United Arab Emirates… We’re fighting Iran and the radicals who are trying to overthrow our order in the Middle East, subjugate people and propagate terrorism. So, this is good for peace, good for security, and good for prosperity. I think it’s good for the United States and good for Israel.”

King David, who wrote prophetically in so many of his Psalms, exhorts us in this way,

“Seek peace and pursue it” (Psalm 34:15).

In fact, the Hebrew expression in Psalm 34 implies running and chasing peace, almost hunting it down. Indeed, the Bible repeatedly conveys God’s desire that we should be peacemakers, doing our best to live at peace with everyone.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” (Matthew 5:9)” (https://www.temple-coins.com/products/abraham-accord-historic-peace-treaty-between-israel-and-uea)

Who designed the Abraham Accord coin? Aharon Shevo, a Cohen.

This is a unique piece made by Zechovoy, a multi generational family in Israel that produces coins. Designed by Aharon Shavo the front has an Israeli flag and the UAE flag with a skyline of Jerusalem. Underneath is the words “Abraham Accord” in 3 languages (English, Hebrew and Arabic). The back has a very uniquely designed sword and a quote from the Qur’an that says “And if one inclines towards peace, it inclines towards you”. It also has Donald J. Trump’s Signature on it.

Aharon Shevo was born in 1943, in Hungary, to Rivka and Mattityahu HaCohen Schwartz. His father was not fortunate enough to know him, because he was taken into enforced labor in the concentration camps and never returned. (Aharon the son of Mattityahu the Cohen) was the only Cohen (person of Priestly descent) in the competition. This presented me with a special challenge and I won the contest. I believe the “Priestly Blessing” Stamp deserved to be designed by a Cohen, one of the priesthood.



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