Change of Plans: making a few videos

I have taken a break from writing for a few weeks so I had decided to make a few videos. I’m not a “YouTuber” so this is kind of funny. Since January 1st I have gotten 4 warnings and 2 strikes on YouTube. 2 of those videos have been banned from YouTube. I just got off a week suspension and 2 days later, got hit with a 2 week suspension. I’m not surprised and knew this would happen eventually, just not this fast.

You can see the YouTube channel here. I ended up doing a BitChute channel but I’m not to fond of the site. I went to Brighteon and this site seems easier to work with and more user friendly. You can watch my newest video posts here and if you feel the need, share the videos and/or page.

Eventually all sites will shut people like me down. WordPress may be the last to censor me but I still know there is that possibility. I will start writing again soon but in the meantime, stay sane and God bless you.


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