Dinosaurs and Genesis 6

So this is going with my giants and dinosaurs research and the connections to the watchers ie fallen angels of Genesis 6.

In the original Jurassic Park, they created clones of dinosaurs from blood taken from a mosquito. They took that blood and used a PCR test to get thousands of copies of this dino DNA. They had missing fragments so they replaced it with frog DNA.

Dinos are nothing but genetically modified reptiles and birds that were made by the watchers ie fallen angels (Gen. 6). They existed but were not originally created by GOD. They died in the flood and were never on the Ark. They were spiritually angelic by nature but physically they were reptiles and birds. This is why they are worshipped in science and taught to kids at a very young age. It seems even Creationist need to legitimize dinos as being b created by God so they can put them on the Ark of Noah.Now today we know Bill Gates and his cohorts have released hundreds millions of mosquitos and we know that they want to use mosquitos to carry a “vaccine” (really viruses).

And frogs are compared to spirits of demons in the Bible, and does anyone remember the frog that was controlled by AI?

So you have DNA extracted from a mosquito using the PCR Test and the missing DNA fragments are inserted using frog DNA to make these abominations of Genesis 6 called dinosaurs. And this is supposed to just be a Hollywood movie. The series ends with the cloning of a girl, Maisie which means pearl. Like the pearl in the shell of Venus. These movies have a wealth of info in them. And the new movie that will be released next year is called Dominion, go figure right? I suggest you watch the series again. To dig even deeper into this connection, watch this video I put together on CAS9 editing and CV.

Another Jurassic Park connection on the eve of the inauguration…

What are the odds of this? On 1/19, the mirror of 9/11, we have cities lighting up in amber in a memorial for the 400k people who allegedly died from “covid”.

We know that this whole thing is a DNA grab/harvest, from the nasal swab and the rtPCR test. Ironically, Jurassic Park used the rtPCR test to clone the blood from a dinosaur that came from a mosquito that was embedded in amber.

This was done in Hollywood “magick” fashion. And today, we see a Vaccine that can possibly edit your DNA through mRNA lipid nanoparticles used for gene therapy. Ironically, the WHO lowered the ct rate for testing on inauguration day. Not a coincidence.

But something else happened on 1/19 in relation to this amber dinosaur dna motif.

CNN ran this story about a bioluminescent beetle that is “99 (66) million years old” that was fossilized in, you guessed it, amber. What are the odds of connecting these things together on 1/19, the 2nd symbolic 9/11, that started on Friday March 13th 2020 with a global lockdown?

I thought it was interesting that “Lady Gaga” came out looking like The Hunger Games. And Q…it is all the same bird. Get my drift?

Now back to the dinosaur connection.

The tyrannosaurus rex is the king of the jungle for dinos. The name in Greek is literally tyrant lizard king. Who is the ultimate tyrant lizard king? The nachash (serpent) in the garden. Did you realize scientists claim that snakes at one point had legs and arms? They believe that This “evolution” was caused by gene mutations. Sound familiar?

They are trying to reverse the curse from God onto man in their form of a tyrannical king. This is their Genesis 3 and 6 inversion.

Does the gene therapy inoculation that is being used now as a cv vac give this sort of gene mutation that spiritually parallel snakes? I’m not talking about arms and legs here people. Think in terms of the “serpent” in the garden as he stood tall with arms and legs and then would be cursed by God to slither on his belly in the dirt. The fallen angels have taken man back to the tree in the garden offering their knowledge of good and evil. This V is a physical and spiritual abomination.

This would make them lizards right? Look at a Komodo Dragon for a second. Do you see it?

And unfortunately, they have genetically re-engineered snakes to give them their arms and legs back through the studies done on mice. So this brings us back to the garden with the nachash. Nachash literally means cunning and bright light. Cunning more like a trickster. If you have read my papers on the connection to the nephilim and clowns, you know where this is headed. It is all connected. Tricksters are jesters and clowns.

Remember the curse given to the serpent by God in Genesis 3? He would be cursed to slither on his belly and eat the dust of the earth. Strange curse if he was already a serpent that slithered right? Maybe he wasn’t.

The above image is what we all picture in our head about the fall of Adam. Below is probably what it could’ve actually looked like if we take this story not only as a spiritual lesson but if it happened physically too. Which I believe to be true.

Maybe he had arms and legs more more akin to a standing reptilian lizard like say a T-Rex but obviously not a T-Rex. More akin to a reptilian humanoid komodo dragon sort of creature.

And remember that Satan is called that Great Dragon. So did the fallen angels also take the DNA of reptiles and genetically modify them like they did with women who bore giants? I believe the nachash and the fallen watchers did.

Now the Greek “saurus” means lizard and there is a Greek word “staurus” that means pole/stake or beam. It comes from “standing upright”. This word staurus is used for the beam or pole that Jesus was crucified on. This represents the tree. I believe Jesus fulfilled all typology and patterns put forth by God. With that said, He needed to redeem man and creation by being crucified on the tree that caused the curse, the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The T is symbolic of the Cross ✝. T-Rex could essentially read Tree King. Do you see who still wants to be that tree king?

And ironically, some scholars believe this tree was connected to DNA and infact Adam did have his genetic makeup changed from disobeying God. He had a sort of gene therapy done by God so he wouldn’t think of himself as a god. Can you see the picture here why Lucifer put dinoSAURS in the forefront of “science” and why they want kids to revere these abominations? This was Lucifers creation, not God’s. It was to worship his original bloodline. The T-Rex was Lucifers best buddy, as a dog is mans best friend. Genesis 6 is happening today. I hope you see it.Back to Amber for a second. Now another thing is that amber is the color of the solar plexus chakra ie the gut. It connects their spiritual body with their physical. So seeing amber as a memorial for these devils was fitting for their demonic color.

Now the etymology is also interesting. The classical names for amber, Latin electrum and Ancient Greek ἤλεκτρον (ēlektron), are connected to a term ἠλέκτωρ (ēlektōr) meaning “beaming Sun”. According to myth, when Phaëton son of Helios (the Sun) was killed, his mourning sisters became poplar trees, and their tears became elektron, amber. The word elektron gave rise to the words electric, electricity, and their relatives because of amber’s ability to bear a charge of static electricity. The beaming sun to them is Satan, not Jesus. And demons are electric. They are a frequency and current. Are you seeing the bigger picture here?So did they choose to light up their “sacred places” in amber for good reason? I mean, this whole thing for the last 10 months has been all about a DNA Harvest and changing your temple (your body), through mRNA inoculations that are nothing more than gene therapy. So why not right?The drug addict alcoholic Kary Mullis, inventor of the rtPCR test, claimed from day one that this test was used for cloning DNA and not to diagnose viruses or diseases. This is why the movie Jurassic Park used this particular test.

They want you in their image. These are the days of Noah.


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