Joey Bee: to sign or not to sign?

There was this one time when I got my account suspended permanently from Twitter because I called Joey B a Westworld clone. It was such a good tweet, even a Westworld affiliate page commented on it and said that this was definetly not one of theirs. That was actually pretty funny. Twitter didn’t seem to like me saying Biden was a clone.

So the question once again is this, is Biden even really Biden? I don’t think so. I think it is a meat suite possessed by AI which is nothing more than the fallen living “their best life now”. Or if that’s way off base, then he’s got dementia, like a lot people have suspected for over a few years now. But if you have watched his inauguration speech, The guy didn’t look like he had anything wrong with him. He was literally in a 10 minute utopian world where he was right on point. Then ask yourself how many times one man can gaffe as much as him and grab children the way he does and just doesn’t care? It’s like he has no authority over him.

Now with that said, I want to mention a few things. He seems to go by Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. now and signs his name J.R. Biden Jr.

Not Joe Biden like he did his whole life.

His signature is off now. His mannerisms are off. He’s got more hair now in 2021 than he did in 1988. By the way, Robinette means a fountain or tap. Yeah, he’s a fountain alright…a demonic one at that. Something has tapped into Celtic (tall ones).

Joey B has always signed his name the same for 47 years in his political career. Now it is J.R. Biden Jr on these Executive Orders and JR has bookended his last name. Significance with that bookend of JR. What do bookends do? Hold the books up right? And it looks like someone or something is trying hold this book up.

Now look at the B on all these signatures.

That would be a Jill “B”, not a Joe “B” on the new signature. This image is his last three EO’s that look like a stamp and are not signed by Joe Biden. The B says it all. The old B is a line with a backwards 3. The new B is one continuous motion. A flowy type of B like a woman’s signature.

So if it is a stamp and was originally signed by say, his wife Jill, these Executive Orders aren’t legally binding. I see no issue with the stamp itself with the online documents but then again, it wouldn’t be authentic to the actual signatures on the signed orders that he allegedly signs in front of cameras.

Now I spotted this signature thing this morning and came across this guys post on FB. He says the same thing I’m saying.

I found this from Tony (I am assuming) that was sent to the website The Gateway Pundit.

“I am a pharmacist in Missouri. I read a few days ago that none of Biden’s Executive Orders have been posted to the Federal Register, so I looked, then, a few days ago. Those Executive Orders are showing up. However, I believe I have accidentally discovered his signature may be a forgery. I just sat on this discovery, thinking someone else more important would notice it. I guess no one has yet.

Part of my job as a pharmacist is to watch for forged doctor signatures and I am pretty sure Joe’s are forged. I suspect that he is embarrassed by his shaky signature and had his wife sign for his signature stamp used for official business. As you can see on the attachment the last three signatures are identical, indicative of a stamp, and that’s fine as long as it is his signature. Maybe that’s easier to submit to the Federal Register. Otherwise, I believe it is illegal to have someone else sign for a signature stamp that binds a legal document. I have seen the signature of doctors get shaky at the end of their careers, but never change in a single year as Joe’s purportedly has done.

If you have contact with a handwriting expert, perhaps you can have that person take a look. But look at the attachment I created, all from the public domain. Clearly, Joe has an established signature, but the last three signatures I have on the document are from separate Executive Orders that can be found online at the Federal Register. Clearly, in my opinion, they are not his signature. They look more like the signature of his wife, Jill, also on the attachment. Focus on the “B” in Biden. Perhaps an expert can offer a more definitive opinion.

So this obviously doesn’t look like a Joe Biden authenticated signature. The whole thing is based on fraud and deception.

Jill Jacob’s (Giacoppo or Giacoppa)

Now I want to look at Jill for a minute, especially if she is the one signing this signature.

Jill has an interesting story. She is known as Jill Tracy Jacobs originally. She was married in 1970 at 20 years old to Bill Stevenson. They divorced in 1974 due to “drifting away”. According to Joe, he met Jill on a blind date in 1975. According to Bill, he introduced Joe to Jill in 1972 (right before the election in November) and then they became involved in 1974. Those are the two stories. My theory is that Jill helped out with the kids, there was some sort of monkey business between the two, Neilia knew about it, drank a little to drown it out and then died with her 18 month old daughter in a car crash.

Neilia (in my opinion) knew about Joe’s infedility and was unfortunately killed in December of 1972. Joe went on to claim that the driver of the tractor trailer was drunk and killed his wife and daughter. That was not true. I think Joe said this to cover up that she may have been drinking instead.

January 5th, 1973 Joe was sworn in at his sons hospital bed, obviously a sympathy and publicity stunt. A few years later he married Jill in 1977. Evidently his son Beau told him to marry her. Strange right? How could a 8 year old be invested in a woman he only knew for 2 years not unless it wasn’t 2 years and more like 5 years. By the way, Jill is 9 years younger than Joe.

So back to Jill. Her maiden name is Jacobs but was actually Giacoppo/Giacoppa because her Sicilian grandfather changed their last name to Jacobs. Ironically Jacobs is a well known Italian surname which is nothing more than the Jewish Yaakov. Was Jill’s Sicilian family Jewish? They may have been actually.

Now I didn’t know this but Joe and Jill were married by a Catholic priest in 1977 at the Chapel of the United Nations in New York at 777 United Nations Plaza. They spent their honeymoon behind the “iron curtain” in the Hungarian People’s Republic, a Communist country. Fun time for a wedding and honeymoon right. You can see their Communist connection from the outset.

This leads us to the Jacobins which was a sect that Lenin himself equated with Marxism. They were ruthless. Notice the modern magazine Jacobin below. See anything? Maybe we are seeing an uprising in America of Jacobins in particular.


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