Kong vs Godzilla: the irony

The beast of the sea vs the beast of the land. That great dragon called Satan vs the beast of the earth. This is the age old myth of the clash of the titans that were genetically modified by the watchers. In my blog I talk about how I believe dinosaurs were nothing but genetically modified beasts that God originally created. And if I’m not mistaken, according to these movies, they became that big because of nuclear energy. Radiation harvesting.

Godzilla is a representative of Satan, the dragon. Godzilla in English comes from “Gojira (ゴジラ), a portmanteau of the Japanese words: gorira (ゴリラ, “gorilla”) and kujira ( 鯨 クジラ , “whale”), owing to the fact that in one planning stage, Godzilla was described as “a cross between a gorilla and a whale”, due to its size, power and aquatic origin.” So ironically “godzilla”, a sea dragon is part gorilla, like King Kong. Zilla in Hebrew actually means “shadow”. So this is essentially the god of shadows, a genetically modified half gorilla and half whale that looks like a giant T-Rex or King of Tyranny.

Now Kong was originally known as “The Beast” at his inception but then was called King Kong. He represents the King of Beasts, the overseer and creator of Darwin’s original man. The evolutionary ancestor of man. Not so much according to GOD who created man in His own image and likeness. Kong is the “King” as Godzilla is the “god”. Kong in Chinese has the characters tree and gang. The king of the tree gang. Both Godzilla and King Kong want that authority over everything. In the new movie, Kong is entrusted by man ie humanity to defeat that great dragon Gojira or Godzilla. And why does Kong come from Skull Island? Remember Golgotha? The original skull on the Mount of Olives where Jesus was crucified. It’s just more mockery of the actual Truth of Scripture.

It is almost funny that Kong’s Skull Island was based on Komodo Island, what we know as the Komodo Dragons. Godzilla was half ape and whale and Kong came from an island of Dragons. Ironic right? “When Cooper was envisioning his giant terror gorilla idea, he wanted to capture a real gorilla from the Congo and have it fight a real Komodo dragon on Komodo Island (this scenario would eventually evolve into Kong’s battle with the tyrannosaur on Skull Island when the film was produced a few years later at RKO). Cooper’s friend Douglas Burden’s trip to the island of Komodo and his encounter with the Komodo dragons was a big influence on the Kong story. Cooper was fascinated by Burden’s adventures as chronicled in his book Dragon Lizards of Komodo where he referred to the animal as the “King of Komodo”. It was this phrase along with “Komodo” and “Kongo” [sic] (and his overall love for hard sounding “K”-words) that gave him the idea to name the giant ape “Kong”.”

We don’t need a genetically modified ape to save humanity from a genetically modified dragon. All you need is Jesus Christ.


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