The Rope and the Red Heifer

(Thanks to Beautiful RT’s for getting me to look at this rope)

Someone had recently asked if I had ever looked at the significance of the rope that was around the neck of the red heifer when it was to be burnt on the Mount of Olives. I never had but what I found was interesting.

I’ve written over and over that this genetically modified red heifer that will soon be burnt is an abomination. Mot only that I believe it is the abomination that Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24 that was spoken of by the prophet Daniel in Chapter 12. I also believe that these “vaccinations” that are nothing more than gene therapy, are an abomination that could further push man away from God to be in His likeness or image. This is what was happening in the Days of Noah in Genesis 6. With that said, I still believe that the burning of this red heifer is the physical manifestation of this abomination. This is the event that I believe will start the 1290 count Daniel spoke of in Chapter 12.

With that out of the way, let’s look at the rope that was put on the red heifer when it was taken to the Mount of Olives. There is no mention of any rope mentioned in Scripture according to Numbers 19. I looked in the Talmud and there actually was a few mentions. The first is in Mishnah Para 3:9.

It says that “they bound it with a rope of a reed”. Interesting right? But what kind of reed was this rope made of? I knew it had to be something that wasn’t “unclean” based on the red heifer in the first place. Someone mentioned to look in Eruvin 58a verses 10-11 and I would find what kind of rope it actually was.

It said it was a rope of “magag, a type of bulrush”. First off, them translating it as magag could be a play on words as someone mentioned.

You look at what he wrote and you get Magog, the area of where Gog comes from. That is interesting because these religious Jews in Israel believe that Gog/Magog war brings about their false messiah and according to this, they will actually change letters in words to hide the true meaning of something and only those in the know will know what it means. If you see what is going on here then you can also take away the g and then you have MAGA. Interesting right?

Funny thing is that I’ve compared Trump to the red heifer and I wouldn’t be surprised that these religious Edomite Jews in Jerusalem aren’t paying tribute to not only all of this but obviously Esua (the ruddy one) and Herod (who their temple is actually modeled after). And then we also have red head Nephilim connection to clowns.

We know that the reason why GOD issued the red heifer sacrifice to Moses and Aaron was based on the sin of the Golden calf ie the Egyptian Apis bull. And ironically this happened after the sister of Moses, Miriam (bitter water), had died. The Hebrews and the mixed multitude resorted back to their old ways by making a golden mesahka (idol) and worshipping it. The red heifer ashes were to purify them with these waters of purification.

Now back to this rope for a second. It was made reed, specifically bulrush. Linguistically it cracks me up because we have a bull reference which may have been because of the bull frog that is in the marshy swamps where you find this reed. These are also called cattails.

Now ropes were used for measuring things in Scripture. The Talmud has a whole section on what kind of rope to and for what reason. It gets ridiculous at times but at least they give an answer as to what rope was used for this red heifer. And keep in mind, it was used to lead the heifer out across the arched bridge and then was burnt with it on the pyre.

I mentioned that ropes were used for measuring things and I found it interesting that in Revelation 11, John was told to take a “reed like into a rod” to measure the Temple of GOD, the altar and them that worship therein. We know this temple is the body of Christ. The hidden reed was made to measure the New Jerusalem which was essentially the Bride. This is signifying the harvest and in these last days, the burning of this red heifer is starting their own harvest for the earth dwellers.

This word for reed (bulrush) is gômè and it was used to make papyrus. Yep. The original Bible or Biblio was made with papyrus that comes from bulrush.

The paleo Hebrew of this word is a walking foot and water meaning walking on water. It was not only a gathering place for water but for ideas.

When you add the Aleph or bull/ox to this word, this is where you get the name BULrush.

In Smiths Dictionary he actually spells it Gnome. Like those little creepy yard elves. But what I first saw was genome, like G Nome. This may be because I’m thinking as this event as a harvest event when the red heifer is burnt and it is hard not to think about the last year that we’ve all witnessed.

We saw and continue to see a DNA harvest through testing and now these falsely called “vaccinations”, we are seeing the modifying of one’s DNA through this messenger RNA. I may be reading into all of this, but these are the synchronicities that I see.

In Smiths Dictionary it says these bulrush reeds are find in Syria (typifying the Antichrist) and are now found at the bank of Lake Tiberius (where the Sanhedrin disbanded 2k years ago and then reconvened in early 2000). Not only that, Tiberius is the AI program that tracks all information pertaining to these “vaccinations” through Operation Warp Speed. More synchronicities, not coincidences.

Now Jesus fulfilled the sacrifice of the red heifer and I believe He fulfilled the rope of bulrush. Let me also mention something else about Moses. When he was hid in the basket and sent down the river, he was in a reed basket made of bulrush. Now in Matthew 27 Jesus was given a reed by the Roman soldiers who then mocked Him as the king of the Jews. It doesn’t specifically say it was a bulrush reed but I do find that His staff was a reed when they mocked Him and in Revelation there is a golden reed. I also find it interesting that right before He gave up the ghost the soldiers have him a sponge of vinegar on the end of a reed. You can look for my paper on the significance of the vinegar on this blog.

I found some paintings and images from the 1600’s and although we aren’t to have any graven image of Jesus the Messiah, they were interesting and I wonder why they painted them the way they did.

Notice they had ropes around His neck. When Jesus was taken to get beaten by a cat of nine tails or led to stand before Pilate, did they put a rope add-ons his neck out of disrespect?

I can only assume they did and would assume that it stayed on His neck to His death, fulfilling the red heifer rope.

There were two possible ways of erecting the stauros. The condemned man could be fastened to the cross lying on the ground at the place of execution, and so lifted up on the cross. Alternatively, it was probably usual to have the stake implanted in the ground before the execution. The victim was tied to the crosspiece, and was hoisted up with the horizontal beam and made fast to the vertical stake. As this was the simpler form of erection, and the carrying of the crossbeam (patibulum) was probably connected with the punishment for slaves, the crux commissa may be taken as the normal practice. The cross would probably have been not much higher than the height of a man. (New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology, Vol. 1, p. 392)

So it is interesting that the red heifer rope has all of these strange connections. Ultimately, the burning of this blasphemous genetically modified abomination in the guise of a red heifer is a time of harvest. Not only for these earth dwellers but also for the saints of GOD. Jesus fulfilled the red heifer, the red heifer is still not needed.

Here is a commentary of the Talmud. Start at 18 minutes.


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