Jill Jacobs and Purim

Being that Purim is literally around the corner, I thought it may be fitting to show you a strange connection here to Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Jacobs. I’ve shown you already how there is a strong possibility that Jill may be the one signing J.R.Biden on these Executive Orders (which is actually a stamp of her signature). Jill has been surrounded by suspicious activity ever since she met Joe. There is a pretty strong theory suggesting that Jill may have been the younger nanny at the Biden house at the time of Joe’s forest wife’s death. Joe and Jill even may have lied (according to Jill’s first husband) at the timing of then meeting initially. That’s neither here nor there though. Let’s talk about the strange connection to the Jewish holiday Purim and Jill Biden.

Purim is known to most Jews as the story from the book of Esther. Basically Haman wanted to kill all of the Jews in Persia and Esther thwarted his plans and in turn, not only Haman was hung at the gallows but a whole slew of Persians were killed. One’s plans of mass murder of an entire group turned into another mass murder of a certain group. Esther came out the hero and today is praised by Christians. The story could still be questioned as having a Babylonian background to it.

Now modern religious Jews and non-religious Jews still celebrate Purim but in a different way. Mow Purim is more of a masquerade celebration that leads to drinking and debauchary. Religious Jews today even look at Jesus as a replacement for their hatred of Haman. “According to a prominent Israeli scholar, it is that very Nazarene whom the Jews are thinking of when they vent their anger through various rituals during the Purim holiday. “When the Jews say Haman, they are also thinking deep down about Jesus,” says Israel Yuval, a professor of Jewish history at the Hebrew University. “Our hatred of him is actually a projection — or maybe sublimation is a better word — of our feelings for Jesus.”

It could explain, he says, the age-old Purim tradition of drowning out the name of Haman with noisemakers during the megillah readings. “Nobody really knows where this custom originated,” he says. “But that’s my interpretation of it. It’s the quiet understanding that Haman refers to Jesus. In this way, the anti-Christian sentiment of Jews finds an internal expression — noisy but hidden.”

As evidence that Jews have long drawn parallels between Haman and Jesus, Yuval cites a decree issued by Emperor Theodosius II in the fifth century prohibiting Jews from burning effigies of Haman. “Clearly, such a ban wouldn’t have been issued if there wasn’t good reason to believe that it was really Jesus who was being targeted,” says Yuval.
Purim derives its names from the Hebrew word for lots — a reference to the lots Haman drew, according to the Book of Esther, to determine on which day to carry out his plot against the Jews. The theme of lots resurfaces in the New Testament, notes Yuval, in the following verse about Jesus’ death on the cross: “Then they crucified Him, and divided His garments, casting lots.” (Matthew 27:35). Yuval does not think this “Purim” connection is a coincidence.LINK

You can read the entire article in the link above. Obviously this is disgusting and completely from the Antichrist spirit. This holiday or Carnival supports the putting of Jesus to death over and over, year after year. And remember, Passover is held 3 weeks later where Jesus if crucified and resurrects after 3 days. They try to connect many things to Purim and the crucifixion and death of Jesus. Funny thing though, carnivals are for clowns that wear face painted masks, as do those Jews who celebrate “the lots” while wearing carnival masks. Yes, this spirit behind this is Antichrist.

Even kids dress up like its a spring time Halloween dressing up as their favorite burning towers wth planes hitting them.

But as far as Purim goes, it didn’t always use the masque carnival aspect to this ritual. By the way, we know that mask/masque in Hebrew is Mesakha which means idol. It was used in Exodus when speaking about the golden calf. With that said, it should be an interesting Purim for 2021. So why the masks? I’ll let this Jewish website tell you why in their own words.

“One theory relates to the fact that the Jews in the Purim story live in the Diaspora. Haman says to the king: “There is a certain people scattered abroad and dispersed among the peoples in all the provinces of thy kingdom and their laws are diverse from those of every people, neither they keep the king’s laws.” And given that many Jews in the Diaspora have been forced to disguise themselves, or mask their identities, we now commemorate this fact by doing so on Purim.

It has also been written that in Jerusalem in the 7th to 8th centuries, poor people dressed up as Mordechai and Haman and went from house to house frightening children and asking for money.

Probably the best explanation as to why we wear costumes is because Esther masqueraded as a non-Jew and dressed up as a queen. Esther also hid her assertiveness and her strength until she had no other choice. Since Esther hid her Jewish identity, one theory says that we wear costumes to imitate the costume parties of the court that are mentioned in the story.

Another theory states that traditional Jews believe that God is hidden behind all the events of the megillah. Although there is no mention of God in the Book of Esther, we believe He had a hand in saving the people. In a sense, He was masked or disguised, and rabbis referred to God’s role as hester panim, or “hiding of the face,” which is also said to be a play on the words Megillat Hester, rather than the Hebrew name for the Book of Esther, Megillat Esther.” LINK


Now according to these article it was one of many theories. Take a pick. But if you notice the screenshot from the above article, it actually does say that the wearing of eye masks or full facial masks comes from Italy in the 13th Century. Rabbis have narrowed it down to Saragossa (an island of Sicily) and Sicily.

Now remember that the reasoning for the masks was to hide or conceal their identity. This was why they started to use masks for Purim as Esther hid her identity in Persia. But their was more to it. These Italian Jews his their identity because they did not want anyone to know that they were Jews. Why? Well for one it was about not being identified so you wouldn’t be persecuted. But I think this practice started long before they would like to admit. Here is a excerpt from a video that I want you to read in regards to these “hidden” Jews in Italy.

The Secret Jews Of Calabria, takes you on the incredible journey of the little know history of the Jews of southern Italy. Begining at the time of the Macabees, continues through the horrors of The Inquisition, and arrives at the modern day when Calabrians began to discover and embrace their Jewish roots. When an American rabbi of Italian descent, Barbara Aiello, returns to her ancestral village in Calabria to encourage the locals to discover their Jewish heritage, not everyone (Jews and Christians) welcomes her. Rabbi Barbara takes you on this challenging journey through the “toe” of the Italian “boot,” as she shares the joys and struggles of the “bnei anusim,” – Italians whose families were forced into Christian conversion centuries ago. Obscure alley ways, secret rooms and hidden traditions come to life as locals share family stories of Jewish traditions that for centuries were hiding in plain sight. “I’m Italian but could I be Jewish too?” LINK

Now this kind of hiding in plain sight isn’t new for Jews. There is what is called Donmeh. These were Jews who were forced to convert to Islam in Turkey. They were inwardly and hiding behind closed doors practicing Judaism, but were outwardly seen as Muslins and practicing Islam. This is what you would call crypto Jews. Another example of these crypto Jews starts back in Babylon in the time of Daniel and when they rebuilt the Temple and John Hyracanus was High Priest. He was an Edomite Jew that forced all Edomites to convert to Babylonian Judaism. Once again, they were hiding in plain sight.

Now my theory as to when Jews went to Italy, specifically Sicily, dates back to these religious Jews from Israel and Jerusalem that had strong ties to Rome. Caeser was their king right? I believe that at the time of Jesus, these Jews were already starting communities in Italy because of Rome. Remember, these were those who called themselves Jews but really were not Jewish at all. They were Edomite/Babylonian taught Jews from the synagogue of Satan. Jesus tells us who their father was…the devil.

They were always in cahoots and had a pact with Rome and being close to Rome was what some wanted. I believe that these Jews were the ones corrupting the church in Rome that Paul had to deal with. I believe that over the years, this same bloodline of these “hidden” Jews were the ones who corrupted Paul’s letters and in turn, helped to start the universal (Catholic) church. The same ones that helped bring Arabs the foreign demonic god allah through Mohammad.

These crypto Jews helped to get anyone and everyone away from the true Gospel of Jesus. When people talk about the world is run and formed by “Jews”, it really is. You just need to know what jews you are talking about. It is the crypto Jews who are of the synagogue of Satan and their father is of the devil. Don’t bunch real Jews into that group.

So back to Sicily. Here is a brief history of Jews in Sicily. “The history of the Jews in Sicily deals with Jews and the Jewish community in Sicily which possibly dates back two millennia. Sicily is a large island off the Southern Italian coast. There has been a Jewish presence in Sicily for at least 1400 years and possibly for more than 2000 years. There is a legend that Jews were first brought to Sicily as captive slaves in the 1st century after the fall of Jerusalem in 70 CE. However, it is generally presumed the Jewish population of Sicily was seeded prior to the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem. Rabbi Akiva visited the city of Syracuse during one of his trips abroad.LINK

In 160 B.C. Simon Maccabeus sent an embassy to Rome to strengthen the alliance with the Romans against the Syrians. The ambassadors received a cordial welcome from the Senate and form the Jews who were already established in town. Besides Roma, other Jewish communities were in Genova, Milano, Bologna, Ravenna, Napoli, Pompei, Siracusa. Messina and in other in forty places. Under the rule of the Emperor Claudius, a census was taken, which estimated the Jewish population of the empire the 7 or 9 percent of the total population.LINK

Wiki even goes on to claim that Temple era Jews were “laying their roots” in Sicily. You see one of the oldest Mikvahs were there and even Sicilian food has Jewish roots. “For nearly two thousand years, the most vibrant Jewish communities in Italy were found on the island of Sicily. Jewish merchants first moved there in ancient times when the island was a busy trade hub linking the Roman Empire with the Middle East and flourished throughout the island. Tour guide writer Annie Sacerdoti records that at one time “no Sicilian city or town was without a Jewish family or group….” LINK

I think you get the point I’m trying to make, Jews had a strong community in Italy, Sicily to be more precise. So where does Jill Biden fit in to all of this? She is Italian. So what right?

Most people do not realize that Jill Biden’s Italian maiden name is Jacobs. Jacobs is a Jewish name based off of Isaac’s son Yaakov or Jakob. Jacob later had his name changed to Israel. So most people will then say so what, there are a lot of people named Jacobs that aren’t Jewish. Well, the name itself is Jewish and you just don’t get that name from out of thin air. Here is a quick example on it being a modern Jewish name. Sara Jacobs is a Democratic congresswoman fron San Diego. Her father is Gary Jacobs whose father is Irwin Jacobs. Irwin, who is co-founder of Qualcomm, had Jewish parents. I can’t tell you if Sara is Italian but she definitely looks Italian. And ironically, Irwins partner in Qualcomm was not only Jewish but Italian. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree now does it?

I’m telling you this to explain to you that not only is Jill Biden a known Italian but carries the maiden name of Jacobs, a known Jewish name that can specifically be found in Italy. But not just Italy in general, Sicily – where Jews are known to have lived for 2,000 years. And remember, three are Temple Talmudic Babylonian Jews. They aren’t just your average “jew”. But here is the kicker, Jill’s family actually comes from Sicily and at one point their name was Giacoppo/Giacoppa. They “Americanized” the name to Jacobs and it seems that her family from the past, were “hidden” Jews.

Now I want to point out that Italian Jews are known to be Sephardic Jews. This may not be true. Here is a lengthy and interesting article on this. “The most common point of view links Italian Jews to Sephardim...

Italian Jewry should be viewed as a cultural group separate from all other Jews, since during the last few centuries, Jews living in various parts of Italy spoke Italian.

In this article, I will apply the first approach to classifying Jews to reveal the geographic roots of various strata of Italian Jewry, using surnames of Italian Jewish families to provide a good illustration. This approach will reveal that the nucleus of Italian Jewry is related neither to Sephardim nor to Ashkenazim but a separate group entirely.

*The ancestors of Italian Jews lived on the Apennine Peninsula for many centuries, where at least some of them have lived since Roman times.

In Jewish literature, there is no generally accepted term to designate these “indigenous” Jews, and they are often simply called Italiani, the Italian word for “Italians.” For many centuries, Rome, whose Jewish population was already large in antiquity, was home to the most populous Italiani communities.

Legend has it that the ancestors of four Jewish families in Rome were brought by the Roman Emperor Titus as Jewish prisoners after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 C.E. In Hebrew sources, these families appear as: min ha-tappuḥim (of the apples), min ha-adumim (of the red[-haired]), min ha-anawim (of the humble) and min ha-ne‘arim (of the youths).

The earliest known written mention of this legend is relatively recent. It appears in a book published at the end of the 16th century by a member of the first family, Rabbi David de Pomis (of apples, in Latin) of Venice. In the same century, we also find the earliest reference to the second family in a Christian document which makes reference to the family’s Italian name, de Rossi (of red[-haired]). The members of the third family appear in Italian documents as early as the 17th century under the singular Hebrew form anaw (Anau).

In Hebrew sources, the earliest references to these families correspond to the following centuries: 11th for Anau, 13th for both de Rossi and de Pomis, and 14th for the name meaning “of the youths.” But the bulk of Italiani Jews received hereditary surnames only during the 16th century.” LINK

So isn’t that strange? It seems in the world of Jewry that Italian Jews are nether Sephardic or Ashkenazi. According to the article above, they are a mystery. Maybe that is because they date back to at least the second Temple period and maybe even back further during the Maccabees. These hidden Jews could’ve been more “crypto” than most people thought.

Now Jill’s grandfather is where the Giacoppo name came from and he was the one to change it to a more Americanized Jacobs. I’m guessing this happened when he came to America. Either way, they are both Jewish names.

Biden’s grandfather, Domenico Giacoppo came to America in 1899, his wife and children arrived one year later

Jill Biden’s grandmother, Angela Giacoppo and children listed on the Patria ship manifest from 1900

“Jacobs is a patronymic form of Jacob, an English, Jewish, and Portuguese surname from Latin Jacobus < Hebrew Yaakov. Jacob, James , and Jack are all derived from this source. Variations include Jacobb, Jacobbe, Jeacop, Jecop (English); Jakov, Yakob, Yaakov, Yakov, Jacobi, Jacoby (Jewish). Cognate forms include Giacobbo, Giacobo, Giacubbo, Giacoppo, Iacobo, Iacopo, Iacovo, Iacofo, Copo, Coppo (Italian)” LINK

“Jill Tracy Jacobs Biden is half Italian. Her grandfather, Domenico Giacoppo emigrated from the small Sicilian village of Gesso, escaping the poverty and chaos created by recent earthquakes in the region of Messina. He later changed his name, in an attempt to Americanize it, to Jacobs.

Jill’s father, Donald Carl Jacobs (1927–1999), was a U.S. Navy signalman during World War II, who afterwards used the G.I. Bill to attend business school, eventually becoming head of a savings and loan institution in Philadelphia. Her mother, Bonny Jean Godfrey Jacobs (1930–2008), was homemaker of English and Scottish descent.

One of Biden’s distant Sicilian cousins, Caterina Giacoppo offered an invitation that has gotten a lot of press lately… “Jill, I’m here, my house is open for you, as is our entire Sicilian village of Gesso where your grandfather came from. Please do come visit us next time you travel to Italy.” Gesso is a tiny, close-knit community with only 600 inhabitants in the province of Messina.” LINK

Let me lastly bring up the town and area her family comes from. What does Gesso mean? Gesso is a mass or surface of plaster, especially as a ground for a painting, 1590s, from Italian gesso, from Latin gypsum “plaster” (see gypsum). Gypsum (n.) Is a substance (hydrated calcium sulphate) used in making plaster, late 14c., from Latin gypsum, from Greek gypsos “chalk,” according to Klein, a word perhaps of Semitic origin (compare Arabic jibs, Hebrew gephes “plaster”). Even the town is Semetic according to its etymology.

So as you can see, Jill Jacobs has not only a Jewish name but she has a historical Jewish name that is tied to Sicily, Italy. And as you have seen, Sicily has historically been a hot spot for Jews for at least 2,000 years. We have also seen that Sicilian Jews are the ones who brought the masque to the Purim party. So what does that mean? Jill Tracy Biden-Jacobs-Giacoppo is an Italian Jewish woman who is “first lady” of the United States. Why doesn’t she just come out and say it? Her kids don’t have a problem marrying into “the family”.

One last interesting connection to Purim. Where’s the red heifer? Shabbat Parah (Shabbat of the Red Heifer) for Hebrew Year 5781 begins at sundown on Friday, 5 March 2021. Shabbat Parah (“Sabbath [of the] red heifer” שבת פרה) takes place on the Shabbat (after Purim) before Shabbat HaChodesh, in preparation for Passover.

Black Sabbath – Born Again


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