“Shots in Arms”: the act of enlightening/illuminating the shoulder until the end (the goal)

Lately we have all been hearing the phrase “shots in arms” from not only in our own local governments but from governments around the world. Personally, this phrase sounds a little macabre and a little disturbing. So I have been questioning why they are using this phrase. You can hear this phrase come out of someone’s mouth at least once a day. Most recently, Biden said it again.

So I was led to Revelation 13 again. Everyone has their own private interpretation for what this chapter means and I won’t get into that. I do want to point out something interesting I saw in the Apostolic Polyglot Bible of the Greek. Now let me first say, this Bible is in line with the Textus Receptus of the original Greek and follows in the footsteps of the Greek Septuagint. Why they Strong numbered some words the way they did is beyond me, but it is very interesting for reasoning on why they did this. Look at Revelation 13:18.

This verse is referring on the number of the beast. This number is to be counted or tallied according to three Greek letters. The chi, xi, sigma (χξς) amounts to 600, 60 and 6. Now when it says this number is to be counted (ψηφισάτω) it means it is counted by throwing pebbles into an urn wich casts your vote. It literally means to “calculate the numbers meaning by a vote by casting a pebble“. Voting, keep that in mind. This “calculating” also reminds me how computers can calculate based on code. “The earliest computing device undoubtedly consisted of the five fingers of each hand. The word digital comes from “digits” or fingers.” LINK And the Chinese and Roman Abacus (abaq means dust in Arabic) is a great example of counting by pebbles.

So by counting or calculating this number of the beast ie the number of a man (or in the original Greek, the number of mankind in general), is referenced by the dust from which Adam (the first man) came from and computers (their last rebuilt against God by making man into a computer code). And it seems that this agenda comes into play through the men that were voted in by the earth dwellers.

So I just wanted to mention that before I showed you this again.

The Apostolic Polyglot Stronged these 3 Greek letters as words for some reason. The first is chi. It was Numbered G5462 and those word is phōtismos (the act of enlightening or illuminating). This word in Hebrew is translated as ôr which also means to become illuminated. This word can also mean a box for keeping things in order or a holding pen or box for cattle. A gathering place. When the combined meanings comes together it means “The entrance has a lighted hole when viewed from inside.” It’s like when a light shines through a hole in a box.

I also mentioned that this word can also mean a box for keeping things in order or a holding pen or a box for cattle. Think about the term “herd immunity” and what it refers to. Cattle.

So the Chi is translated by their definition as “to be illuminated” and references a hole poked through something to give that illumination. This made me think of a “shot in the arm”. It gives that mRNA code or the software of life that light of illumination into that “box” of a body through this pin hole shot. Paul called his body a “tent” and the temple of the living God. He compared our bodies to the walking tabernacle in the wilderness. It seems the earth dwellers have more of a cardboard box body with one pin hole of light shining through.

The next letter (ξ – xi), APB translated it as G3577. nōtos. This is referring to the “back” but more specifically in Hebrew it is the shoulder. It means the upper part of the arm where clothes would hang off of. It literally means to clothe. Here we have another reference to clothing your body but specifically a certain part of your body, the shoulder.

So remember the phrase “shots in arms”? The “shots” go into a very specific part of your arm, your shoulder.

The final letter is the sigma (ς) which represents 6. This is Strong Numbered in the APB as heōs. It means until and is “a conjunction, preposition and adverb of continuance, until (of time and place)“. It is expressing the “terminus ad quem” or the point at which something ends or finishes ie an aim or goal. The final 6 according to this interpretation seems to be the final bookend of the 600 and 60 and 6.

So this is all a strange “coincidence”, if it is just that. Why did the Apostolic Polyglot Greek Bible Strong number these Greek letters the way they did? I have no idea, but they did. And is it a coincidence that 666 (the final number of mankind according to the number of the beast and its system) just happens to translate into the act of enlightening illuminating shoulder until the end (the goal). What is the odds of that coinciding with what is taking place all over the world through this beast system as we speak?

Ever since this Crown Serpent Virus came into our lives through the fallen watchers we have been inundated with 6’s. Stay in your 6 foot hexagon. Stay 6 feet away. 66% percent effective. 66 billion stimulus plans/cuts. The six references go on and on. I could do an entire blog on the sixes symbology alone. And six was when God created Adam, the first man. It seems man is now making themselves into gods through this “vaccine virus” and inverting the 6th day of creation.

So it isn’t surprising or even a coincidence to me that these 3 Greek letters are interpreted the way they are. Satan comes as an angel of light deceiving the earth dwellers. He has done this through his crown serpent virus and this is his crowning achievement. I believe his deadly wound has been healed that was stomped on at the cross and the resurrection by Jesus. The “illuminator” has brought this mRNA Code called the software of life to his illuminati initiates and they do his bidding by wanting to put “shots in arms” of everyone on the earth.

It seems these 3 Greek letters may be referencing (in this particular case) the virus vaccine that will destroy your chances at the Tree of Life. Once again, they are eating from the wrong tree. One other thing I want to point out with the “shots in arms” is that this shot in the shoulder is specifically in the deltoid. If you look at the images on where this shot goes that have an inverted triangle or pyramid as the location. The deltiod comes from the Greek letter delta which is a 🔺. You have the capstone (inverted even) as the X marks the spot location of this gene therapy shot. And you even have the two triangles of the “divine masculine and feminine” meeting and coming together in their “as above so below”. X marks the spot.

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