The Culmination of the Mark

When I tell people that the mark, name and number started after the ascension of Jesus and the first church, who absolutely dealt with it and we are still dealing with the same thing today, people just look at me cockeyed. Here is simplest terms. I’m no different than I was when I was 1 (genetically speaking) then I am right now or when I get older. I am the same person. Biologically I am the same as God created me. Things change due to circumstances in life choices and this pushes me closer to my physical death. My life then comes to a culmination, then I die.

This is the same with the mark, name and number. The original Greek tells us these things and that the tense used for this is active. It does not make it more or less way back then or even now. Now why do I use the word Culmination? This word means that it’s something that reaches its highest point. It’s originally used for a celestial body. Think about that for a second.

Culminate actually comes from the Latin word culminare which means “to crown”. Now what is so interesting about this is that corona (as everyone already knows) in Latin means crown. I was using this word (culmination) years ago explaining how I understood the mark, name and number of the beast built up to the final crescendo of how we see it today. And I find it ironic that this last layer of the onion is brought on by a virus/plague that they called the coronavirus. The snake plague evidently is just that. But we knew from the beginning that it wasn’t about the coronavirus, but the real virus was the dart.

Revelation 13 is as much relevant now than it was almost 2,000 years ago. It has culminated into what we see now with this transhumanists shot to turn the earth dwellers into the image of the beast. This is their crowning achievement. Their Crown ID or Cov ID is their chance to mark the sheep and the goats. The culmination of the mark, the name and the number of the beast is happening in my opinion.

So get yourself sealed through the Spirit of God through Jesus Christ or you will inevitably be marked by the beast. Everything in scripture has two sides to one coin. Would you rather be a Saint that is part of the body of Christ and to be found in Him on judgement? Or would you rather be a worshipper of self, like the trick the Serpent told Adam and Eve, and that we can all be gods? This turns the earth dwellers into the image of the beast. We aren’t waiting for some statue to come alive in some pseudo scriptural third temple. We are the temple of the Living God through Jesus Christ.

Each variant they choose for symbolism even tells a story.

variant (adj.) late 14c., “tending to change,” from Old French variant and directly from Latin variantem (nominative varians), present participle of variare “to change” (see vary).

vary (v.) mid-14c. (transitive); late 14c. (intransitive), from Old French variier “be changed, go astray; change, alter, transform” and directly from Latin variare “change, alter, make different,” from varius “varied, different, spotted;” perhaps related to varus “bent, crooked, knock-kneed,” and varix “varicose vein,” and, more distantly, to Old English wearte “wart,” Swedish varbulde “pus swelling,” Latin verruca “wart.”

Variant – something substantially the same, but in different form. Oh like cell, cell, sell, sale, sail or 📱. 🦠+📱=

Delta Plus Variant: delta is a Δ. The capstone triangle. It comes from dalet which comes from delet, which is a DOOR. Plus is + and more by a certain amount. Variant means “tending to change”. The DOOR PLUS TENDING TO CHANGE. The capstone or head of the beast. The “delta variant” is to put those who are already asleep into a DEEP SLEEP. A delta wave is a type of high amplitude brain wave found in humans. Delta waves have a frequency from one to four hertz. This period of time during which delta waves occur is often known as deep sleep.

The lambda variant was next. Lamb Duh. It is a triangle with as open bottom. Remember the Revenge of the Nerds?

Their new “mu” variant also known as B1621 has been classified as a “variant of interest”. Mu is the 12th letter of the Greek alphabet and represents the #40. Judgement. Mu comes from mem and represents waters and Chaos. Ironically this mu variant was detected in Colombia. 1621 also just so happens to be when the Pilgrims celebrated their first Thanksgiving after a few years of a deadly black rat plague. Thanks came about because of a virus. B1621 aka mu.

Ahh yes. AY3 or is it aye. How do you pronounce that? I. Oh like a EYE. MYSTERY Babylon leading the world. The new 👁️ variant.

So many still partake from that ancient tree of knowledge of good and evil. They are literally opening and awakening in that Kundalini spirit. This is their “great awakening”.


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