The Fourth Gospel?

Honestly, after researching who wrote what by inspiration from the Spirit of God, I am sold that Lazarus authored the fourth gospel called John. John actually edited and finished the book after the death of Lazarus. John was the nephew of Lazarus and the son of Martha (Lazarus sister). This is a historical fact.

I do also believe John wrote the epistles and was the one who received the Revelation on Patmos. I believe he was such a threat to society and Rome that they wanted to literally kill him. It wasn’t the Apostle John by any means.

I also do think that Mark and John Mark are the same person. Mark was the Nephew to Peter by marriage and the Nephew to Barnabas by blood. Barnabas was the brother to Peter’s wife. This would make those two related to Lazarus, Mary and Martha. Which would be probably be because they had the same father, Simon the high priest.

I also do think it is plausible that this John Mark also wrote Hebrews at Paul’s request with help from his uncle Barnabas. I used to believe Paul wrote the Book of Hebrews and this was only because that was what I was always told. Over the years I leaned more towards Barnabas but still had issues with that. I think my final answer may be John Mark. Yeah, the writer of the Gospel and Barnabas cousin.

When you read the scriptures in this light you can really see these connections. No one knows the exact author of Hebrews but it has been attributed to both Paul and Barnabas at times. John was of a priestly family so he could’ve made all of these Hebrews connections. Also the phrase “two edged sword” is only found in this book and Revelation. There writer of Revelation had knowledge of the things he saw.

To me it is clear. Jesus used those closest to Him.

Why does it matter who actually wrote the words of the fourth gospel? Because if it was someone of the priesthood, that changes the complete outlook of this book.

Read it through that lense now.

Lazarus: writer of the Gospel of John with editing done by his nephew John.


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