The Yanuka’s Spirit

Someone sent me a clip of this video from a TikTok video. I found a video on it and it’s a month old. The original was six months ago for their Omer bon fire in May ( It is celebrating with their “messiah” who they call The Yanuka (I started a paper on this guy that I never finished a few years ago). Watch the fire. People will scream blue beam but it’s not. It’s a spirit coming out of that fire. The original poster believes it is a video artifact. He makes a good point but I am not sure if I believe it to be a video light artifact. You can decide for yourself.

By the way, these Edomite Jews (who have a Babylonian calendar and follow the Babylonian Talmud) believe the ashes of their red heifer will bring about a ritual purity by water. The ashes only come about because of the burning or fire of the red heifer.

In the Zoroastrian religion, fire, together with clean water, are agents of ritual purity.


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