Commandments 7.0

God told Adam/man to eat freely of everything in the garden except for the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It will bring death. Adam told Eve to not eat of the same tree and may have gone a step further and told her to not even touch it. Satan says nah, you’ll become a God.

Got me thinking of typologies.

With this in mind, God gave the people the 10 Words or Commandments to morally live by. Jesus took it a step further and said (using adultery as an example) if you look upon a woman/man you have already begun to commit adultery with the lust you conceived in your heart. Then the “serpent” comes and whispers sweet nothings in your ear and then what? By that whisper of lust, you commit a sin, eating that fruit, and then you know it, the wages of sin is death. Can you see it?

Now someone commented this after I posted it in relation to what Jesus was saying in Matthew 5.

Him: Yes, but it has been mistranslated. It originally said something like: ‘If you look upon another man’s wife, as you do your own.’
Single men do not commit sin by desiring a woman.

Me: And you are saying a single man has immunity to lust/desire after a woman? So lustful sin or desired sin as you put it, doesn’t count for any single man and only is valid for married men? γυνή is used here and it can refer to a virgin, wife or woman. Charles Strong numbered this 77 times as wife/wives. 79 as woman and 31 as women.

Him: Well, I don’t know how the human race could ever have been fruitful & multiplied, if single men had not looked upon single women with the desire that GOD gave them.

Me: I see your point but that’s not what you said. “Yes, but it has been mistranslated. It originally said something like: ‘If you look upon another man’s wife, as you do your own.'”

You said it was mistranslated in what? The KJV English? Then you added “as you do your own”. Show me.

Him: Ok, then let me correct it. It has been corrupted.

Me: Show me where? You are interpreting this yourself. You literally added to it.

So here is the problem. He is claiming something that the Bible doesn’t even say. He literally added to the scriptures with his own interpretation of what it should mean to justify a single man between a married man. He was claiming Jesus was specifically talking to married men, and Jesus was not just talking to married men, he was talking to all men. When a married man commits adultery and looks upon another woman to lust after other than his wife he is committing adultery on his wife. Read what Jesus says in Matthew 5. Marriage is the Union that God had made between man and woman.

Now when a man is single, his Union is with God alone until he is married to a woman. It is better to be single than to be married lest he should burn. Once he is married to a woman, the Two become One flesh, they are still held accountable to God. Anyway you look at it your relationship is first with God the Father. If God told you not to commit adultery in the ten commandments, that is physically and spiritually, whether you are married or not. Was God strictly talking to married couples when he gave us the ten commandments or were they for everyone. We know the answer to that.


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