Red Heifer Update 3/17/23

I just want to give you an update on the red heifer situation in israel. They are still in Northern israel, I suspect near the Golan heights where the made-up Trump town is located. They haven’t moved them to Shiloh yet but they plan on doing it. Out of the five red heifers that were sent from Texas to israel, one was already disqualified because of discolored hairs and that left for. This last week “big big” rabbi’s went to inspect the four and two of them had white hairs on them. So instead of disqualifying them like they should, they pluck the hairs and they’re going to wait now and see what happens to see if the hairs grow back. Obviously this is a No-No but being that these red heifers are not from God and they are genetically modified, anything is game at this point.

I’ve also noticed Boneh Israel has kicked it up a notch and allowed more and more American Christian groups that are going on tours into Israel, and allowing them to visit the red heifers in this undisclosed secure site.

Word is is that they are trying to have a red heifer burnt by Passover of 2024 but we know the oldest one will be ready by mid September if it makes it. So honestly they could burn this thing on the down low just after the first of the Jewish new year, which would be around or after mid September. This all comes from Byron Stinson who is the one who helped take the abominations to Israel. As you know, my dealings with Byron is that he’s not a very honest person.

As things progress and happen I will post about it and keep everyone notified.


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