Therefore his sisters sent unto him, saying, Lord, behold, he whom thou lovest is sick. (John 11:3)

Jesus wept. Then said the Jews, Behold how he loved him! (John 11:35-36)

Anyone reading John 11 and believes that the Gospel of John was written by John the disciple, the brother of James, the fisherman, one of the Sons of Thunder, was the author of this book is not being honest and isn’t seeing these two witnesses that tells you who the beloved disciple actually was. There is witness after witness in this Gospel that Lazarus, also known as Eleazor, was the writer and contributor to this Gospel. And any biblical scholar in textual criticism will tell you parts of this book were obviously written by another person based on the way it was written. I suspect it was Lazarus nephew John Mark, the same nephew of Peter from his wife’s sister. This would make Peter’s wife a sister or step sister of Lazarus whom they shared the same father, Simon.

And since we are going there, when they had a meal at Simon’s house which was also the house of Mary and Martha in Bethany which were Lazarus sisters, someone else there was said to have a father whose name was Simon. It was Judas Iscariot. Read John 12 and Matthew 26:6. Simon the Leper, who at one point was a High Priest and Jesus birth was this man. Do you ever wonder why all the Jews and Pharisees showed up to lazarus’s death to mourn? Did you ever wonder why Judith got so mad at Mary for using that expensive ointment on jesus’ feet? Does it now make sense why Jesus left the synagogue as fast as he could to attend to Peter’s wife’s mother’s sickness? Peter’s wife’s mother was married to Simon the leper. It was known for even a high priest to have more than one wife at a time. We know for a fact that mary, Martha and Lazarus were all brothers and sisters. And it seems Peter’s wife was at least a step sister to them and we could say the same about Judas iscariot. What a small world we live in right?

Now back to John Mark for a second. We know he was the nephew of Peter through marriage from his wife’s side. John Mark then grew up in and near the priesthood. I believe John Mark was the one who ran away in the garden and got away naked. Scholars always say it was John the disciple but I disagree. John Mark heard everything that Jesus said when he was in or near jerusalem. He may have even followed the disciples in the group. And this is why I believe the Gospel of John is actually called The Gospel of John. It was the account of Lazarus written not only by Lazarus, but also some things were added by John mark. And it’s interesting that scholars will also tell you that The book of Mark is actually the gospel of Peter and I believe John Mark actually wrote that verbatim.

And if I go one step further and we mention Barnabas who was with Paul in his ministry, we can also see that he was related to Peter’s wife’s mother as it was also his nephew. Do you remember the contention between John Mark and Paul? But later on they reconciled before Paul’s death. And if you know anything about the bible, scholars want to tell us that they don’t know who wrote the book of Hebrews but they may attribute it to Barnabas, Paul or Apollo. I believe the book of Hebrews was also written by John Mark and this is why we see so much about the priesthood. I think Paul and Barnabas both contributed to the book of Hebrews but John Mark wrote it all down. If this is all true, this is all fascinating. When you connect all the dots like this it is mind-blowing. There’s so much more I could go on about but this should get your interest peaked.


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