The Real “Elite”

We always hear about the elite of this world and the small group of men or women that rule the entire world. But have you ever looked at the etymology of the word elite? It literally means the choice or select body ie the best part.

Once you define “elite” then that will tell you about this “small group” that you are up against. It isn’t just “ordinary” men we are dealing with. These are the principalities and powers of the air. The watchers are the elite. They control this world. A choice or select body is the best part of these earth Dwellers. Are they the “kings of the earth” possessed by these watchers who still think they are God’s elite in His throne room? Or are they the literal watchers of old?

God has His elect on this Earth as does the Satan’s have their elect on this Earth. Do you get it? Earth Dwellers are Satan’s elect. They are his elitist mongrels. We always see the antithesis of what God does with the original copy cat.

From Middle English elit, from Old French elit, eslit (“chosen, elected”) past participle of elire, eslire (“to choose, elect”), Latin eligere (“to choose, elect”)


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