Abell, Abel and Hubal

Remember a few months ago when I talked about Hubal? I will post the entire article below. Did you know in Hebrew Hubal is spelled identical to what we know as Abel in English. Now notice what they are calling these clusters and two of the 13 are in Leo and Pegasus. Do those ring... Continue Reading →

The Rapturous Strange Fire

"Thousands of Orthodox Christians will crowd the Church of the Holy Sepulchre on Saturday to watch the Greek Orthodox patriarch emerge from the structure surrounding Jesus’ tomb with two lit candles. The ceremony, known as Holy Fire, is described by Orthodox Christians as a “miracle” that occurs each year on Holy Saturday, the day preceding Easter. As... Continue Reading →

Smiley face in the stars

So I've mentioned this enigma before. There has been an "arrival" of some sort of a planet or star in Virgo that some believe is Nibiru, Planet X, Saturn in retrograde (1983) or even the Dragon coming after the woman of Revelation 12 (2017). Here is the original picture of these "planets" in question.  I... Continue Reading →

The New Bruno “Mars”

"HE WAS NOT DISAPPEARED, HE WAS MAKING A RITUAL Conjunction between Mercury, Mars and Moon - March 29 Mars Mercury and Moon - March 29, 2017 During sunset, observers should look to the west horizon to see a small ledge of Illuminated moon, which together with Mercury and Mars, will create a beautiful celestial triangle."... Continue Reading →

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