The Coming Red Heifer

The Temple Institute recently went and inspected the 2 red heifers that will be 2 years old by September. They say everything is looking good at this point and that they will continue to inspect them as they get closer to being 2 years old. I wrote about the red heifer sacrifice happening by... Continue Reading →

George Floyd Tattoo

I went over this in another blog but will do it again. George Floyd did NOT have a double eagled Masonic tattoo on his chest representing order out of chaos. Ironically that is what it brought us all, chaos. This eagle is holding a AK 47 with its head going towards Floyds left shoulder with... Continue Reading →

United Allied States

Well this is weird. United Allied States. A new corporate entity for the people. When trying to check out the site, it goes back and forth of being offline. It is run by Apollo block chain evidently. And they will elect a "president" on the 9th of Av. I'm getting a Handsmaid Tale vibe on... Continue Reading →

What the Tornado Hale is going on in China?

On June 24th and 25th, China suffered a crazy storm. A tornado ripped through Mongolia and destroyed crops. "At around 14:30 on June 24, a #tornado appeared in Xilinhot, #InnerMongolia, #China, with clouds and wind gusts, twisting and turning." - Jennifer Zeng Communist China can't blame God with these events when you're an atheistic civilization.... Continue Reading →

The Mentally Ill of Lincoln County

This is how ridiculous everything has gotten and flipped upside down. Nothing is even close to sane or "normal". Nothing. Lincoln County in Oregon has made a directive that says people "of color" do not have to wear a mask for their mandatory mask order. Why? So they aren't harassed or racially profiled. So let's... Continue Reading →

Second Wave Concert

A new concerto for Mr. Glo Ba'al. They want "Covid-19 treatment for everyone. Eveywhere". Notice now how the sphere is yellow and not red like the last concert they had. In the occult, Yellow is the air element and rules the solar plexus chakra (3°). This is where they "channel" their demonic energy from. The... Continue Reading →

Gavin Rules!

Your Governor can NOT make laws like a dictator. This is only done through being a narcissist junkie. He was elected by you and works for you, John Q. Public. He has no judicial rights to MAKE laws. He can give you GUIDANCE or RECOMMENDATIONS as does the CDC and other alphabet groups do. But... Continue Reading →

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