The End of You: Dave, Sophia and AL will need to be held accountable

"The machine-learning techniques that would later evolve into today‚Äôs most powerful AI systems followed the latter path: the machine essentially programs itself." Meet Dave, Sophia and AL. In 2017 I gave D-Wave Quantum computing a name knowing nothing of Sophia the Arobot. I named it Dave because there were entities coming through at CERN because... Continue Reading →


"Just leave - die already. Are you still asleep? Wake up! We're good." So that is the ending of Justin Timberlakes new video for a song called "Supplies". This video came out on January 18th and already has almost 9 million views. Its a wierd song that was produced by Pharrel "Mr. Happy bull Pharoah"... Continue Reading →

Magellan: The Movie

There is a movie out now called Magellon. Captain Nelson goes on a expedition because NASA heard three sounds corning from Saturn, Neptune and Aries. I'm not going to get into the mythological side of these three because I have talked about them in the past. Nelson is led by an AI named Ferdinand on... Continue Reading →

Baphomets Red String

The scarlet red bracelet worn by celebrities is a Kabbalistic/Judaic symbol to ward off evil or the evil they say. In Talmudic Judaism they took Leviticus 16:9 to another level and put a red string on the horns of the scape goat that was sent into the wilderness that was then pushed off of... Continue Reading →

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